Twitter Music Launches New App On Spotify!

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New Spotify App Launched by Twitter Music!

It’s fair to say that here at BDP Agency, an online marketing data company, who provides International and UK business databases, we love Twitter. Maybe we are even a little biased towards this over other social media. Everything is so quick and private messaging can sort out queries and orders in seconds.

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So we were excited to hear that they have launched on the music app Spotify. This allows Twitter users to follow artists, get playlists and get alerts about new releases!

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Twitter’s #Music app has broadened its horizons for the first time. By launching on the on-demand music streaming service Spotify and our marketing data administrator is tasked with providing our weekly Spotify play lists here in the office together with providing great business marketing lists for our clients.

If you have used the iOS app, it is very similar – you can discover songs through artists and the ones currently trending on Twitter. The techniques Twitter has from Spotify is that the users can discover music. As well as take advantage of Spotify features such as Spotify’s artists’ playlist and release alerts. You can also categorize your music by however you like, such as the genre of music- “R&B”, “Dancehall” etc. or by different artists – Arctic Monkeys and so on.

You can pay for a version with some great features and a free version, which meets much of the criteria.

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