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RAR Top 10 Fastest Growing Agencies

BDP feature in the Top 100 Agencies

It’s too easy to make all sorts of claims about how good your business is. However, it’s harder to be recommended by clients. Although it is much more rewarding. And of course, a recommendation can be the key decider when choosing a supplier, right from a plumber your neighbour has used through to a key supplier for your business. This applies to us, with our top B2B companies lists.

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That recommendation carries even more weight if it’s part of an independent recommendation programme in your industry. For example, it could be argued that the marketing services industry needs more independent verification than most. As its practitioners are skilled at publicity. Therefore, skilled at self-publicity as well.

Top B2B Companies List

Therefore, we are thrilled that our agency, Business Data Prospects, features in the top 100 agencies, as chosen by the Recommended Agency Register, RAR,

Instead of just believing what we say about our service, RAR asked a broad cross-section of our clients what they think about us across seven key criteria. Ranging from creativity and innovation to whether we complete work on time and budget.

Client feedback

This client feedback was overlaid with an assessment of our business. Which looked at aspects such as our resources and key staff. As well as our sector experience, the state of our finances and our level of growth.

Marketing and media magazine The Drum, in conjunction with RAR, has published this top 100 list, and you can see it here: We are delighted to appear on this list as this is out of thousands of agencies across the UK… And we’re one of the top 10 fastest growing marketing agencies in the whole of the UK.

So, look at this list. Perhaps even add it to your selection process when choosing an agency to work with. And maybe investigate what verification schemes exist in YOUR industry. Allowing people to benchmark your business against your competitors. Of course, it requires supreme confidence in the quality of your own business to subject yourself to this level of evaluation. But you’ve got that, haven’t you?

How can we help your business expand its marketing?

We have a large range of business data to offer, helping you expand your businesses marketing reach and achieve incredible marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions or want to inquire, please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a callback.

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