Purchasing Data Vs Licensing

Purchase Data Vs Licence

The benefits of Licensing Business Data

To purchase or to licence data? You may be thinking it is better to buy data, so you own it forever. In this blog we explain why this isn’t always the best option. Explaining why we believe licensing is an option that eliminates your need to purchase data.

What Licensing Should You Consider when Purchasing Business Data?

Firstly, when purchasing data, you have a database for life, receiving no updates, as time moves on, more and more of the contacts in the purchased database will begin to change job roles and companies. This makes your database become ineffective and a waste of time and money. You will begin to have a decrease in response rates, reducing the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

If you were to update the database yourself, this will take considerable time and effort, which will only cost you more money. You will miss out on further business opportunities.

Licensing the data on a 12-month term, you have the option for a data refresh, meaning we will cleanse your database and update any out of date contacts. This leaves you with a refreshed database, effective once again, enabling your campaign to receive optimal response rates.

Another option at the end of the 12-months is to change your data set. You may have had success with your initial database within the first 12-months. But you may have discovered a new or more effective target market that will work better for you.

Ensuring GDPR Data Compliance

Whilst licensing data you also remain fully GDPR-compliant. As mentioned above, your purchased database will not receive any updates therefore you will be holding out of date data for extensive amounts of time. It is non-compliant with GDPR to hold out of date data. Therefore, with a 12-month refresh of your data, you stay in line with the GDPR requirements. All of your data has received an update and is now completely fresh. Huge fines can be imposed when failing GDPR laws. We have created an extensive GDPR section to eliminate worries and to best inform you to help you become and stay fully GDPR-compliant.

Licensing is considered more effective when purchasing as it is more cost-effective. When you buy data, this is called an eternal licence, which means you pay a higher rate to keep the data forever. When licensing, this is a reduced rate in comparison to purchasing data outright. This means it is more cost-effective, along with the above benefits of the licence. This gives you a higher potential return on income as you are paying less for the data. Receiving a further update of the data after 12-months whilst adhering with GDPR. Rather than paying more money for the data to age, become ineffective and fail GDPR laws.

What Business Data Will You Choose when Purchasing Data?

When taking out an eternal licence you are investing more money into the data, for it to begin ageing. Rather than receiving a refresh, the data continues to age unless you allocate a lot of resources costing more time and money. If this is not done, you are then non-compliant with GDPR and run the risk of receiving a hefty fine from the ICO. Potential ROI is also lower when purchasing due to the increased upfront costs and further management procedures. Please take this information into account when choosing what is best for your company. We recommend licensing UK mailing lists, why not get on board?

If you have any questions about licensing B2B data, or would like to make an enquiry. Please feel free to contact us using the number above or by filling out our contact form and request a call back from a member of our dedicated team.

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