Please Consume this Data…

Please consume this data within 21 days.

Do you recognise this situation?

You have a new product or service you want the world to know about.
You have told all your clients and known prospects about it and the reaction has been encouraging.
Time to spread the word more widely.

Great idea, why not buy a list of prospects who would be interested in what you have got to offer.  In the flush of enthusiasm about your new project, you invest in 10,000 new, carefully targeted names to get the message out.  Right, data list bought, let’s swing that coordinated marketing campaign into action…

Except, a surprising number of times, this is the point where everything grinds to a halt.

Buying the data was easy, using it properly is less so…

Buying that list was the easy bit, it involved very little time and thought, and in the scheme of things was not a huge part of the budget for the project.  However then life, other priorities, fulfilling existing business somehow takes over.  The data list starts to sit there, unloved and unused, slowly decaying and going out of date – just 2 or 3 months can make a huge difference to the accuracy of the data you have bought.

Data lists have a ‘use by’ date

Think of it like food on a supermarket shelf with a sell by date and a use by date.  Maybe we ought to stamp this across all the data we supply –

For maximum business health and nutrition
please consume this data within 21 days

Get organised

We see people buy the data list first, and only then think about the letter, leaflet, email text/format, nature of offer etc, let alone considerations such as how they are going to fulfil enquiries/orders when they come in.

Often, it appears that the idea of actually securing some real interest and business from their mailing induces a feeling of dread and panic rather than one of excitement!

“What happens if we get an order?? Paperwork, invoicing, fulfilment – that’s a lot of work on top of the stuff we’re doing at the moment + we can’t afford to take someone on until we’re sure this new thing is really going to take off.”

No-one would admit to thinking or saying that, but we are sure it’s part of the reason why, so often, data sits unused.

If this strikes a chord, dig out your data list before it goes off and gives your business stomach-ache, and put it to good use…

Further hints and tips on solving this situation and getting organised will be in future blogs and we are always happy to help you get the most from your purchase.

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