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5 Marketing Research Tips You Can’t Miss

Market research is an essential part of any business

When you’re trying to pinpoint who your potential customers are, it becomes even more important. By using both offline and online market research to identify potential customers can be difficult. But thankfully there are some essential and professional tips that will help you along the way. Here are 5 marketing research tips that will help you to identify your target market and then hopefully improve your sales.

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 Tip #1: Compile enough data to create valid conclusions

It can be tempting to look at a handful of samples and make a broad generalization about your target market and potential customer demographic. Especially when you do your own market research. But one of the most essential parts of this type of online market research is obtaining a large amounts of data. This is to actually work with and create viable conclusions from. So the more data you can get, the more substantial your conclusions. Therefore by doing this it will also allow you to have a less broad generalisation about your target market. Instead it will help you to have a better idea of exactly what demographic you are targeting with your product.

Tip #2: Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes when creating surveys

When you are doing survey-style market research, it’s important to view things from your customer’s point of view. For example, when creating survey questions, imagine you are the person who is filling out the survey. Would these questions seem relevant, interesting and worthwhile to you?  Would the answers you provide be ultimately helpful to the business? Therefore, the more useful the survey, the more useful the data created from it. Furthermore, from a survey you can also find out the age, gender and other information about your audience. This will help you to get a better idea at who you should be targeting.

Tip #3: Think about the location of your business, when applicable

If your business has a physical component, the actual location of your business can be a significant determining factor in your potential customers. For example: If you are planning to open a coffee shop in a college town, the primary source of business will be college students. Conversely, if you are planning to open a coffee shop in a business district, the primary source of business will be older adults who are on their way to work, getting coffee during breaks, or picking something up on the way home.

Tip #4: Look to your successful competitors

One of the more successful ways to determine your target demographic is to take a closer look at your successful competitors—who are they targeting? What type of customers do they have? Then the goal is to learn from your competitor’s success and apply their techniques to your business. Whilst also offering something more to draw those now identified customers away from the competition. But instead towards your business. Keeping up with your competitors is not enough to push your business forward. So in order for it to thrive, paying attention to what they offer can also help you build your business. As well as try and keep one step ahead of them.

Tip #5: Tailor your marketing to your audience

When creating your marketing use the online market research you have gained from the above tips in order to create a marketing campaign. Which will not only reach your target audience. But also appeals to them so that they don’t forget about your business and the product or services which you are offering to them. In addition, doing this will also be more effective than just sending your campaign out to a broad audience. As you will get more results back and potentially more sales which means making a larger profit.

Overall when you are researching your marketing you want to make sure that you are compiling enough marketing data in order to understand your target audience. Also you want to make sure that you are thinking like your customer. By considering what they want to see from your business. Furthermore making sure that you are thinking about where your business is based in order to reach your target audience and if where you are is effective. Finally, you want to keep an eye on your competitors. This is to see if there is anything they are doing which you could try to improve business. Then after doing this you can create a good marketing campaign. Which you should tailor to your target audience, in order to get the most out of your time.

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