New Year, New Business Database

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New Year, Fresh Start, New Business Database

The indicators for 2014 seem to be pretty good. From talking to some of our clients, the general view is positive for this coming year. In addition, most people see 2014 as a year of change. A move away from the conditions of the last three years into a period of growth. But only for those who plan for growth NOW. By taking steps to capitalise on this more buoyant mood. And that means contacting the right people with the right message. So, learn why new business data is important with a new B2B list will help your business for the year ahead.

Keep up with change

You need to keep up with ‘change’ in every form that it takes. And one area where change is constant is contact data. Furthermore, in a more positive economy with more opportunities. Meaning that employment is more fluid – your buyers are changing jobs more frequently. So it’s more likely that many of the people you targeted in 2013 are no longer in the same role as we move into 2014.

Making the right impression

What does a key prospect account think about you and your business if you send through mail or an email addressed to a contact who left at least 2 months ago? That you’ve got your ear to the ground in their sector? Hardly. Or that you’re professional and accurate, with an eye for detail? Not really. Likewise, an email to an old contact address probably won’t even get through at all.

Using a business data list that is way past its origination date is risky. It may be tempting to try it. Maybe to feel you’re getting that extra bit of value out of an old list. But the fact is you’ll end up worse off than never having used the list in the first place. You’ll waste time trying to chase down people who are never going to be interested because a surprisingly large percentage will not even be there!

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