Maximising the Potential of B2B Data

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Maximising the Potential of B2B Data

When you purchase a new data list, the most important part is to use the list to its full potential in order to turn your prospects into new clients.  This may sound obvious, although sometimes companies dive into purchasing B2B data without any thought on who they are targeting and how they are going to use the information provided in the database.

How can you optimise your B2B data?

It is essential to plan your marketing strategy before purchasing the data as this will give you a better idea of who you should target, how to target them and to ensure this is done with military precision.  This will maximise your return on investment on the data and help you to make new relationships with clients.

At BDP we actively put together bespoke packages at the point of order in order to ensure optimum accuracy of the contact details we provide.  We take great pride in the quality of our work and therefore thought in this blog posting we would offer some helpful advice in making the most of our product.

Obtaining a B2B data list of prospects is part of a whole process that has to be thought through, coordinated, implemented and followed up.  Your ultimate goal is to build relationships with the right connections, developing that winning call to action and making the sale in order to make a profit and by efficiently using your B2B data you can do this.

The first thing which you should consider is to think about who you really want to reach as part of your marketing campaign.  We can source highly relevant and up-to-date prospects with the proven ability to make buying decisions, although you will need to segment this to the senior decision makers that have a need for what you are selling. Being able to provide what someone needs for their business or a product which can help them with solving a problem could help you to make a sale, so you want to make sure that when you are segmenting your audience you find out which ones are interested in certain products or services which are best suited for them.

Another area to consider carefully is quality rather than quantity – carpet bombing your geographic area or market sector with poorly targeted mailings permanently excludes you from a potential future client who might respond to a more targeted message. Sending out high quality mailing letters will help you with reaching potential clients. You want to make sure that it has all the necessary details such as contact details and a brief but detailed explanation of the product or service which you are trying to sell to them. You should also make sure that this is targeted at your target market in order to get the best results.

B2B data optimisation checklist

As a quick debrief to start off with you should think about:

This will give you an excellent starting point for building a direct marketing campaign and you will be on your way to building an essential client base whilst also efficiently using your B2B data to its full potential.

If you are interested in our B2B data, then please contact us on the number above or by filling in the contact us form in order to request a call back from us.

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