The Importance Of Marketing Databases When Returning To Work

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Why are marketing databases vital for your company when returning to work?

Have you now returned to work or have a date set in place to gradually work your way back into the office? Or is your B2B database marketing letting you down? Now that companies are beginning to open their doors and trying their best to return pre-lockdown states, it is essential that you begin marketing to ensure you have a good flow of business. Whether they are new or existing clients, marketing databases and marketing analytics can help you achieve just that.

In the UK, more and more companies are incorporating each day.

Can you guess the amount of newly incorporated companies from 2019 to 2020?


That’s approximately 1,823 per day!

Companies House records show that at the end of March 2020, there were 4,350,913 companies on their register. This is an increase of 3.5% compared to the previous year.

So why is it important to get your brand out there?

Along with the economic changes and challenges we now face due to the shutdown of the country following lockdown measures, and from the statistics above, we can see that more and more companies are being incorporated and are beginning to trade and start their marketing each day. This increases the amount of competition in every sector. It is becoming increasingly important that your business does everything in its means possible to stand out and reach not only new but also existing customers.

The difficulties

Standing out from your competitors and putting your brand in the face of new potential customers is an expensive task, especially via paid advertising. Organic traffic is a slow and steady stream of prospects but takes a while to set up and begin ranking for your products and services.

This requires countless hours of finding new prospects. Not only does it take a while for new prospects to begin registering their interest, but you may also be trying to contact them through invalid email addresses and incorrect phone numbers. This is often due to human error when filling in contact forms.

Researching prospects is also difficult as you cannot be certain on their contact details. They could have moved companies or positions without updating this on their social media profiles, making your efforts completely useless. You could be asking to speak to someone who no longer works at a company and simply being told they are not available. Time and time again. This could have been spent pursuing other contacts.

A solution

A solution to this would be to narrow down your criteria to job roles you want to target, within certain industries and the location of interest. Do you want to contact them via email, telephone or direct mail? By providing us with this information, we will run a data count to your exact criteria to see how many GDPR-compliant contacts we have available for your marketing database. Not only is this a more efficient method than sourcing data yourself, but the data is also put together at the point of order. This also ensures that we provide the most up-to-date and accurate contacts via our in house verification methods.

Utilising your current business data is another efficient method which will also yield great results due to the contact already having some knowledge or recollection of contact with your company. This method can be extremely useful providing the data is accurate and up-to-date.

Data cleansing

Ensuring that your contacts records are up-to-date is essential when running a marketing campaign. Therefore, a data cleanse should be one of the first thoughts in your mind when thinking of marketing to your current database. If you are calling out of date data, you won’t be getting through the correct contact. This wastes time and makes little sense. Make sure to update your telemarketing database as soon as possible to enhance your telemarketing success rate.

This is the same case with email data. If you are sending out emails to previous prospects, they could have left that company. It is also possible that they have changed email address or even changed job role within the same company. Any of these reasons could lead to a change in their email address, causing your email to bounce. With a data cleanse, we will replace any invalid email addresses. This means that your email will land in the inbox of your contact if their address has changed. Update your email marketing database today.

Along with the above telemarketing and email points, it is essential that direct mail data is validated. Sending out direct mail, whether it be letters, brochures or leaflets, this is a costly channel of marketing. This is due to the printing, packaging and postage costs. Therefore, it is vital that you don’t waste money sending to addresses where the contact no longer works. You will receive countless gone away and return to senders. This is a massive waste of money as you will be left with a pile of mail on your desk that never made it to your contact. A data cleanse will minimise this risk and yield a greater success rate for delivery. Why not cleanse your direct mail marketing database today?

Marketing databases

If you do not have an existing marketing database or are looking to expand on your current base, you have come to the right place. We are the UK’s leading business marketing database providers. We can help you find your perfect target audience. Our marketing databases enable you to expand your marketing reach and drive more sales. Our data spans across the UK and globally, allowing you to reach your desired locations. With email, telephone and direct mail to choose from, you can get through to your contacts with your desired method.

Do you want to expand your marketing reach to new industries or decision makers? Or do you currently have a small marketing database and would like to expand on this? If you require any of our quality business data services or would like a count ran to see what we have available to your criteria, do not hesitate, call BDP on the number above or request a call-back.

*Company Statistics taken from Companies House.

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