How to make and grow international business contacts

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Making and growing international business contacts

Small business owners’ transacting business in local markets may find new customers via traditional methods, like referrals, advertising, and industry events. Adapting those techniques to generate leads internationally may require you to adopt a new business strategy or technology. However, dealing with international contacts can be a bit more complex. For businesses that depend on promoters, vendors, retailers and other contacts overseas, the relationships are very important, however, it is difficult due to geographical and cultural discrepancies which make those relationships inconvenient and difficult to navigate.

To ensure that your businesses operations run smoothly internationally, it is fundamental to build healthy relationships with employees and connections abroad. However, this can also be difficult and challenging to build the relationship due to different time zones, types of communications, cultural expectations and business customs.

Here are some tips to help you grow international business contacts:

Optimise your website

One of the most significant components of international expansion is to figure out your website structure. Foreign customers can find a business through Google a lot easier if the website domain is tailored to their own country. Such as websites that end in “.de” for Germany, “.es” for Spain and “.fr” for France, these domains cater to the foreign markets better than a website ending in “”. This would increase the trust of your international business contacts.

A website tactic that embraces SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tools like Google Webmaster Tools enables you to GEO target audiences across in several nations, including cities. Employing website marketing tactics that leverage on Paid and Organic Search, Social Media, Display Advertising and a variety of other touchpoints that an Omni-channel customer will see before connecting to your business, is a foundational aspect of generating demand and growing your business into new geographic markets online.

Deliver valuable content

When marketing to your foreign customers overseas, make sure that the targeted articles and blog posts are published at the best times to reach the new foreign customers overseas. The best times to do this would be when your target audience is awake, and points in the day such as the commutes to and from work, lunchtimes, and break times.

Business owners must establish services and products that they can offer the potential customer in the target audience. This could be something such as a service that isn’t available in the foreign markets. Once business owners establish their message, they can find international business leads for example, by tweeting content that reinforces their expertise.

Build your global network

Small business owners can network in the global market; it just takes extra planning. Business owners can also pay to join an international network, which is quickly becoming a very popular strategy for professionals such as accountants and lawyers. These groups assist members to enter new markets through contact referrals in those foreign countries.

Keeping in touch with international business contacts

Effective communications is the basis of any valuable partnership. Particularly, when your partners’ in another country. Make sure that your contacts can reach you at a minimum by phone whenever they may need you. Organize regular meetings, these could be a daily or weekly meeting, but all this depends on the nature of your relationship and industry that you are operating in. Make sure to schedule a time that is convenient and works for both parties, this makes sure that both parties will be well engaged into the meeting rather than it being inconvenient for them so they are rushing to get through the meeting.

Using technology

With the introduction of new technologies and communications, it is becoming more and more convenient for international communication. Applications are enabling people to improve the collaborative process between two parties due to the introduction and improvement to video calling and conference. Many apps don’t require a Wi-Fi connection and can be used off mobile data, and some apps are included in data plans, so it is made easier as people can call while on the move just about cost free. Free or low-cost international calls and packages are usually included within phone contracts meaning a normal phone call is now cost effective.

Whether you manage a huge global corporation or a small business with overseas vendors, building trust and accountability is essential to establishing a globally respected company as well as by building targeted content and optimizing your business’ website for the global market, business owners can grow their sales abroad without stretching their internal resources thin.

Be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you make and develop relationships with international business contacts. You can see a full range of our business data here.

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