Finding A List Of UK Businesses Off The Gas Grid

list of uk businesses

List Of UK Businesses Off The Gas Grid

The issue of energy prices is rarely out of the headlines right now, as pressure mounts on the big six energy companies from politicians to lower energy bills. Ofgem, the energy industry watchdog, has just announced the deepest ever investigation into the big six energy suppliers. Learn why a B2B data list of companies off the gas grid can be highly effective for your company.

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The increase in gas and electricity prices

With both gas and electricity prices at historic highs. Interest in finding cost-effective (and green) alternatives to a reliance on traditional energy sources has never been higher.

There is one section of residential and business properties which is unaffected by the fevered debate about rising gas prices. These are properties which are not hooked up to the national gas grid. However, this sector is even more vulnerable to energy inflation, being wholly reliant on electricity or oil for heating. Electricity prices have been rising even faster than gas prices.

A solution – Alternative energy sources

So, if you are a provider of alternative energy sources to businesses and to residential properties, right now you are going to find a highly receptive audience. And at Business Data Prospects, we can help you to reach them. They are often in out-of-the-way places – that’s why they are off grid UK – but we’ve tracked them down!

We can help you target off-the-gas-grid

Are you a provider of green alternatives to electricity and oil such as solar panels, biomass boilers, ground-source heat pumps or even hydropower?. We can help you to track down the off-the-gas-grid contacts that will be most receptive to your energy solutions. Are you a provider of potentially cost-effective alternatives such as liquefied petroleum gas or a specialist installer of all types of energy supply?.

Whatever alternative energy service you provide, you can ensure that off gas grid customers don’t just resort to a random online search, but are actively made aware of your services by targeting them via email, direct mail or telephone marketing campaigns.

If you’re a supplier of alternative energy sources, by focusing on the ‘Off The Gas Grid’ sector you are likely to achieve a much higher response rate. Than just going for all general businesses and consumers. If finding ‘alternative’ energy is a necessity rather than a vague “let’s be greener” impulse, then the buying imperative is much stronger…

Find a list of UK businesses off-the-gas-grid

See further details about our off the gas grid database and the service we can offer.

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