Is Email Marketing Still The Best Form Of Marketing?

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Email Marketing – Is it still the best & should I buy email lists?

There is always the latest and greatest in digital marketing when it comes to the best return on investment, including text messaging, social media, and direct-to-voicemail marketing, and many people have begun to speculate whether or not email truly ranks at the top of the list anymore in 2015. Learn why email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing and why you should buy email lists.

Here a few statistics from the industry that make us believe that email and purchasing accurate up-to-date email data is still very much critical to today’s marketing campaign mix including:

24% of recipients change their email address every 12 months.

52% of people made at least one purchase in the last 12 months from a promotional email.

95% of people still use email today, especially if over the age of 24 (under 24 year olds tend to use text and social media as their main channels of receiving information).

100% of our email marketing contacts are personal emails.

Every £1 spent on email marketing can yield £44.25 average return on investment.

With statistics like these, we think email data is more important than ever. Email marketing is still on the top.

Emails are a fast and easy way to get a message to your customers whether it be a welcome email to introduce new customers to your business or a update email to inform current or previous customers about updates to the company or new products or services you are offering. These are effective ways of creating a relationship with your customers.

Try to make your emails clear

Emails should be easy to understand and to the point so that the reader doesn’t loose interest in the email. A good way to do this is to ensure that the email isn’t a block of text by breaking it up by using images. Emails with big chunks of text are unappealing to your audience and could cause them to ignore or unsubscribe from your emails. Using images could help to break up the email and make it more appealing but be careful and ensure you put all the information that is needed in text form as some email systems don’t load images.

Using segmentation

Emails are also an effective way to segment your audience as knowing who is opening and reading your emails and who isn’t can help you understand your audience better and then shape your emails around your target audience.

Using automation

You could set up your emails to be sent out to a recipient list which could be automated to send an email out every few months about the latest offers you have meaning that you don’t need to have someone to contact everyone individually making it a fast service ,however

Ensure you are sending your emails to the correct people.

When despatching your emails ensure that you send them to the correct recipient rather than a generic email address.  If your email is not received by the intended recipient, this can be a big waste of time for everyone and use up your marketing revenue quickly.

Ensure that the recipient can opt-out

When creating your email ensure that there is a clearly visible unsubscribe button in case your recipients want to opt out of your mail list. This could be on the top or bottom of the email however having it at the top would allow the recipient to opt out easily. This is also so that your emails can comply with the new GDPR laws. The old data protection laws didn’t mention having an unsubscribe button however the new regulations require this.

Know your goal

Understanding the goal you are trying to achieve with your email is key to making sure you are not wasting your time. Thinking about what you want to achieve with your emails will allow you to use them more effectively.

You could also use emails as a part of your marketing campaign as they are an effective way to get people’s attention if you go about creating it the right way. Subject lines are the most important part of an email as they are what prompts people to click on the email to read it so making sure it is to the point and interesting will increase the efficiency of your promotional emails.

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If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry to buy email lists, please contact us by calling the number above or fill out our contact form to request a callback.

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