Direct Mail is Not Dead

Direct mail is still an extremely popular marketing technique – despite the fast growth of the digital world.

Although a direct mail campaign will only achieve good results if you utilise this with a clever approach and give your viewer something that will really interest them and stand out from the rest of the direct mail campaigns.

Many direct mail marketing campaigns tend to involve an aspect of winning something or receiving a discount voucher, known as incentivised marketing. This can have a good success rate depending on the product or service you are offering and what type of people you are targeting. B2B data campaigns definitely need more substance than B2C campaigns that may offer the chance to win a new phone or computer.

How can I ensure an effective direct mail campaign to businesses?

The mail needs to drive your customers forward to the next step and because of the limited amount of information on a door drop the best way to do this is to lead them to your website and also social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

When purchasing or collecting data, try and gather other contact details such as telephone numbers or email addresses. Direct mail is an ideal companion to a multi-channel marketing and can be highly effective if carried out together with an email or telephone campaign.

Follow up your marketing letter with an email which will back up your sales concept and can deliver a personal approach if created with the customer in mind. An email targeted to the actual person is always more probable to be opened as using first name terms creates a friendly connection.

BDP provides up-to-date personal details for your targeted B2B and B2C data direct mail campaigns. We can filter data using a variety of different criteria relating to businesses or consumers which means that you can target exactly the right people and achieve a great return on your investment.

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