How to Increase Your Click to Open Rate (CTOR) in Email Marketing

Increase your Click to Open Rate, Click-to-open rate (CTOR) is one of the most important metrics for email marketing. Not to be confused with click-through rate (CTR), it’s the percentage of recipients who click the link in an email after opening it. If 1,000 recipients open an email and 100 of them click the link, the email’s CTOR would be 10 percent.

A low CTOR means that recipients are opening your emails, but they aren’t clicking the links. When using email as a marketing channel, you need to attract clicks. Clicking a link is typically the precursor to generating a sale or conversion. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your CTOR.

1) Email Marketing Strategy – Keep It Simple

Using a simple design can increase your CTOR. If an email features a cluttered design, it may distract recipients away from the link. Emails with a lot of images, for instance, are often distracting. Recipients will focus their attention on the images while overlooking the link.

With a simple design, your emails won’t be cluttered with images or other distracting content elements. They’ll feature a basic layout that keeps recipients focused on the link.

2) Email Marketing Data – Clean Your List

Cleaning your list of subscribers can result in a higher CTOR. Research conducted by Stirista shows that subscriber lists decay at a rate of about 20 percent to 30 percent per year. In other words, you can expect up to 30 percent of your subscribers to become inactive after one year. You may still be able to send them emails, but they probably won’t interact with your emails by clicking the link.

List Data Cleaning involves the removal of inactive subscribers. If a subscriber isn’t active, and you don’t believe they will ever become active, you can remove the subscriber’s address from your list. A clean list ensures that only active subscribers receive your emails. Active subscribers are more likely to click the link in an email than their inactive counterparts, so list cleaning can increase your CTOR.

3) Use a Single Link

Avoid using multiple links for the call to action (CTA) in your emails. Instead, use a single link. According to Campaign Monitor, emails with a single link attract nearly four times as many clicks as those with multiple links.

Multiple links can be distracting. More importantly, they give the impression of spam. When a recipient opens your email and discovers a half-dozen links scattered throughout the body, he or she may assume it’s spam. Spam emails often contain a lot of links. If recipients believe your emails are spam, they probably won’t interact with them. A single link sends the message that your emails are legitimate, which should cause more recipients to click the link.

4) Display the Link as Text

Displaying the link as text will likely boost your CTOR. There are two formats in which you can display links: image or text. Text links consist of a linked phrase or message, whereas image links consist of buttons or icons. Both types of links will direct recipients to your target web page when clicked. Of those two formats, though, text links usually attract generate more clicks than image links.

The problem with image links is that some recipients may not see them. Many mobile inbox apps automatically hide images by default. To view an image link in these mobile inbox apps, recipients must tap the placeholder for it or change their settings. Text links, on the other hand, display in all inbox apps and webmail services. Recipients won’t have to take any additional action to view text links.

5) Personalize

Personalization may improve your CTOR. According to Instapage, personalized emails drive eight times as many conversions as traditional emails. Being that conversions come after clicking a link, personalized emails tend to have a higher CTOR as well. More recipients will click the link in a personalized email, and more recipients will buy the product or service promoted in the email.

Personalization, of course, requires some type of identifiable information about the recipient. Most marketers use the recipient’s name. They configure their emails to automatically address recipients by their first name. A personalized salutation such as this will create a stronger connection with recipients. Recipients will recognize your emails as being relevant, so they’ll be more likely to read and interact with them.

6) Present a Value Proposition

Don’t forget to present a value proposition in your emails. Along with the link, it’s one of the most important parts of an email. If an email doesn’t have a value proposition, or if it has a weak value proposition, few recipients will click the link.

A value proposition is a statement that explains the benefits of what you are trying to promote. Whether you’re promoting a product or a service in an email, you’ll need recipients to recognize its benefits. Otherwise, they probably won’t click the link in the email, nor will they buy the product or service. With a value proposition, you can tell recipients why they should click the link and buy the product or service.

7) Test Before Sending

Consider testing your emails before sending them to recipients. Emails can contain errors. Failure to identify and fix these errors may result in fewer link clicks and a lower CTOR. Maybe an email uses the wrong syntax for the recipient’s name, or perhaps it contains a broken link. Testing will help you find these errors so that you can fix them before sending the email to recipients.

You can use Sendinblue to test your emails. Sendinblue is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. Send In Blue is Available Here it allows you to send a test email to your own address using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Just copy and paste the email’s HTML into Sendinblue, enter your address and a subject line, and click the “Send Email” button. You can then check your inbox to open the email and inspect it for errors.

A low CTOR is a sign of serious concern. Your emails may have a high open rate, but they won’t drive many conversions unless recipients click the link. To Increase your Click to Open Rate, you need to optimize your email marketing strategy. 

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