Buy customer data and catch their attention

In today’s society, people are constantly bombarded with all sorts of information. As a marketer, you need to employ some subtle techniques to catch and keep potential customers’ attention. Here are a few suggestions for when you buy customer data:

Grab their attention and keep it

You are facing a society that has a scarce attention span in a very information-saturated world. While people have access to a wealth of information from many sources, the pace of modern advertising means there is no time for any in-depth analysis. What today’s customers are looking for are quick fixes and instant gratification. Call it the microwave generation; the modern customer simply has no patience or capacity for immediate deep thought. As a marketer, you need to find a way to grab their attention and keep it long enough to pass across your message. If you fall at this first hurdle, then your impatient target market might just be headed to clicking on the messages of a competitor before you know it.

The importance of content and segmentation of customer data

Pay close attention to the kind of content you are producing. It should be high quality, and also content that provides value as well. To ensure that your target audience reacts as desired, ensure you design your campaigns so that they meet a want or a need that your specific segmented target market might have. The customer should feel like the content of your advert provides both entertainment and informative value.

Take into account the customers unconscious resistance to persuasion

Naturally, people try to resist messages that have prominent branding all over them. Most viewers will look at an advert up to the point where the brand logo appears, and then they will switch off as soon as they realise they are trying to be persuaded. Also, placing logos too prominently effectively blocks the message from view, so avoid strong promotional branding by unobtrusively weaving the brand into the message of the advert.

Tapping into emotions

Advertisements that tap into a viewer’s emotions are more likely to catch attention than any other form of promotion. As a marketer, use customers’ feelings to your advantage and aim to provoke some form of emotion from the viewer so as your message stands out and has the chance of being remembered.

Don’t make people wait for information

Avoid cluttering your message. Potential customers will be looking at your advert for a very short period of time, whether online, in an email or a physical advert. Be to-the-point and don’t over saturate your message. Also with online marketing, avoid leaving your targeted audience waiting for your website or pages to load. According to results of various research studies, about 32 percent of consumers start abandoning slow sites when the delay is between one and five seconds. If you work to reduce the page size, the speed is bound to improve tremendously thus greatly improving the customer bounce rate.

Short selective content

The content on your website for example should be short and punchy. Split your advert into the core message, and then put more detailed information on to secondary pages, where applicable. This is to make use of the limited time that you have the attention of a customer, as we mentioned they desire instant gratification so don’t bombard them with too much information too soon. Only give them a glimpse that’s enough to stimulate them into reading more details.

Make sure the consumer’s path to a conversion is clear from the message

Don’t leave the customer hanging! Make it clear to them where they need to go next after reading your advert. Don’t waste time going through a sales pitch, hooking the customer, only to leave them unsure what to do next. Ensure you make it clear how a user should go from attention to intention, to action. Present the user with easy conversion routes once they are convinced they should buy from you, and you are sure to have more success with your marketing campaigns!

Buy customer data today

Ensure that you keep your marketing relevant to the industry you are targeting, you wouldn’t want to send your campaign that is targeted to manufacturing companies to decision makers in nursing homes. Why not take a look at some industries you can market your campaign around here.

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