How Can You Reach Out To Consumers?

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Reaching Out To Consumers

When undertaking business to business marketing, you need to ensure that you are not sending out unwanted communications. There is strong protection in place to prevent customers being bombarded with information they don’t want and ignoring this can have a significant impact on both your brand and your future marketing activities.

By contrast, businesses are more open to receiving marketing communications that are of interest and they will have a legitimate interest and can help their company flourish. The benefits of being exposed to potential business opportunities are seen to outweigh the possibilities of receiving too much information. Therefore, initial B2B mailings can be unsolicited, if there is the clear ability to unsubscribe after that first approach has been made.

With customer marketing, it is essential that the individual has opted in to receive information from the very start.  So how do you reach customers that don’t know about you?? If they’ve not agreed to receive information from you, then how can you ever get them to ask for information from you??

It sounds like an impossible task, going around in circles – you know the customers you want to reach are out there, you know they will just love your product or service if they could just be made aware of it, but there’s (quite rightly) a level of data protection in place making them difficult to reach.

Well, there are many different fully legal and ethical ways to reach your target market. You can email customers who don’t know about you and your products/services, provided they have actively signed up to receive information about your type of products and services. You can be a ‘third party’ that ‘may contact them’ about other types of (for example) holidays, cars, leisure pursuits etc that they have expressed an interest in.

As with the B2B mailings described above, if there is the clear option to unsubscribe at any point after your first email, then the challenge is to keep your new target audience engaged and interested in your products / services.

The other fast-growing way of solving the Customer dilemma is not for you to attempt to find them, but to find ways in which they find you – there is an important difference! Using progressively sophisticated online techniques this is increasingly possible to do, and in future blogs we’ll talk about how to do this…

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