Converting Business Leads Into Sales

Converting Business Leads Into Sales

How to Turn Business Leads into Sales

Businesses are now putting a considerable amount of effort into generating as many leads as they possibly can. Still, they are spending less time looking at the quality of the leads which in turn becomes counterproductive as you are not turning the leads into customers, and you don’t know if those customers will actually follow through.

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Here are some useful tips to use within your company to ensure these leads are used effectively:

  • When a lead has been generated it is crucial that you contact that person as soon as possible. According to an industry analysis of 25 million data points, speed is the single most critical component to lead conversion. The best method of contact would be by telephone. This method enables you to interact with the customer and to get easily acquainted with each other. Using the telephone also saves a lot of time. This is because you don’t have the hassle of sending emails back and forth. Questions could have been answered in a matter of minutes over the phone.
  • Follow up your B2B data enquiries with relevant questions. This ensures you have a full understanding of what it is that the client is requesting from you. If enquiries come through with detailed information, you can use the information provided to ask questions and get exactly what your client is looking for.
  • Focus on high-quality leads. As it is better to get a few high-quality leads which are likely to order than to have 100 leads who might not place an order. It also means that you can focus on selling to the leads which are more likely to purchase. This means you are not wasting times on the ones which aren’t. This isn’t to say to not investigate every lead you get. However, make sure that you are focusing on selling your product or services to companies which are looking to make a purchase and not just ones which are just curious.
  • Don’t be disappointed if a lead does not order on their first enquiry. You can still use these leads to market your services/products to them in the future via newsletters. This then still gives you a chance to convert them in the future as they are already familiar with you and your services. It could also be because at the time you are contacting them they might not be looking for services which you offer. However, they could save your information for if they want to use your services in the future.

Business Lead Conclusions

Overall when you are generating leads you want to make sure that you are contacting them as soon as you can. This help to build a relationship with the client. You should also ask questions when you are following up with the enquiries. The questions should be relevant to what the client is wanting to order. You should also be willing to send further information to leads. They might not place an order on their first enquiry and may require more information to convince them that your product is right for their business. They could also save your contact details for if they need your services later.  Also, remember that getting 10 high-quality leads is better than getting 100 low-quality leads. Remember, high-quality leads are more likely to make a purchase.

When purchasing B2B data we would advise a list of 1000’s that you can filter down by targeted email campaigns until you reach the most valuable leads that have offered a response through your B2B email campaigns.

I need accurate B2B data

If you are looking for accurate and up-to-date B2B data then you are in the perfect place. Business Data Prospects are experts at providing the most accurate B2B data available in the industry. This begins with our 5 step verification methods which are in place to ensure only the most accurate data is provided. We have a strong belief in the quality of B2B data, which is why we have this process in place. From our experience, we know the key to successful campaigns is in the quality of the B2B data.

If you have any questions or are wanting to make an enquiry, please contact us by calling 0333 200 1860. If you prefer a callback, please fill out our contact form.

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