Learn the Benefits of BDP’s Fully Managed Email Campaigns

In this video, we explain the process and how our fully managed email campaigns work. This is a huge benefit to your company if you want to send out an email data campaign but are struggling for time, or if you are concerned with the handling of data due to GDPR and Data Protection.

Why should you choose BDP to fully manage your email campaigns?

  • Are you short on time and want to send out an email marketing campaign to increase enquiries and sales?
  • Are you concerned about the handling of data due to the release of GDPR in May 2018?
  • Do you prefer experts to manage and provide a full report on your campaign?
  • Are planning for the future but currently tied up with other business activities?

Alleviate the pressures and stress and allow us to fully manage your email campaign on your behalf.

 See what industries we can help you target by taking a look at our business lists and Industry SIC codes list.

If you have any questions or feel this service would suit you, please contact us on the number above or by filling out our contact form so one of our account managers can give you a call back.