Achieve the best results from Direct Marketing campaigns.

To achieve the best results from any direct marketing campaign, a number of tasks and actions need to come together to avoid any mistakes. Timing is everything, and you may not have your own in-house resources such as a call centre to ensure that every step of a campaign can be fulfilled at just the right moment. By outsourcing fulfilment to BDP Agency you can be sure that every aspect runs like clockwork:

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Finding the right audience:

We can draw together the data lists you need, just when you need them

Promoting your message:

Design, artwork, copywriting, formatting for each medium – we can pull this all together, on time and within budget.

Printing and collating:

Printing the mail piece, envelope, response mechanism + collating packs – leave it to us


Ensuring the best postage deal and mailing out in a coordinated way, that’s our job…

Monitoring responses:

Measuring the effectiveness of any campaign is crucial. We put the systems in place to do this as part of the campaign set-up.

Follow up:

Our call centre services swing into action to give you prompt, effective deal closure.

Are you looking for B2B data to manage your own marketing campaigns? You may be able to run the campaigns yourself, so outsourcing your campaigns to email agencies, call centre and printers may not work for you. With BDP’s B2B data, you can manage and run your own marketing campaigns. Our B2B data lists consists of the most accurate and up-to-date email addresses, telephone numbers and direct mail addresses. By utilising all three channels of communication, you increase the relationship with your desired contacts. This leads to more enquiries and sales for your products and services.

Alongside this, our adherence to GDPR and Data Protection laws means that all of our Business Data is GDPR-compliant. All subsequent marketing is also monitored to ensure continued compliance.

In addition to this, we are the UK’s only data owner which means we do not broker or resell data from any other provider. As we own all of our own data, we can confidently offer a 100% guarantee and the UK’s only data provider to do so. This is because we have full control over our data.

Give your businesses marketing campaigns an extra push today!

If you would like further information on Twitter BDPs or if you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please contact us by calling the number above or fill out our contact form to request a call back.

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