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Generate Energy by Walking On These Carpet Tiles!

These carpet tiles which are within a school can now generate energy so the more you walk along it, the more energy you are producing for the facility. It is a lot more convenient and saves on energy bills as there are so many people within a school environment. More and more businesses are looking to switch over to alternative energy. Now is the perfect time for renewable energy companies to offer out their services. See how we can help your business with B2B energy renewal leads.

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The carpet is made from rubber which is taken from recycled lorry tyres, which conceals an integrated pressure pad and converts the kinetic energy of each pupil’s footsteps into around four watts of power; this may not seem a lot however there are a lot of pupils which will help the power to progress quickly. For example, 24 tiles are expected to generate enough power LED Lighting as well as the use of charging mobile phones producing 100 watts at peak times.

A staggering statistic

It is estimated, the energy that would be generated over a year would be enough to fully charge over 850 mobile phones or power an electric car to drive seven miles!

You can start to see how this would be of great interest to Architects, Renewable Energy companies and designers who have interests in natural mapping as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

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The renewable energy sector is expanding quickly and always developing new products similar to the above.

We can put you in touch with people that would appreciate alternative forms of energy as they are not connected to the gas grid here in the UK. Take a look at our B2B off the gas grid UK business database that we have available.

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