Top Data-Based Email Segmentation Tips For Email Marketers

Email Segmentation

Email segmentation tips that you need to know…

According to E-Consultancy’s Email Marketing Census, 67% of those surveyed indicated they were ‘quite’ or ‘very’ satisfied with their automated email marketing efforts ( Are you a business builder wanting to put the lead generation power of email data marketing to work for your company? It is essential you nail your segmentation strategy before you start sending emails to your subscribers.

However, failing to make data-backed decisions prior to sending emails to your subscribers can skyrocket your unsubscribe rate and decimate your click-through rates. Therefore, ensure your email marketing campaigns drive the results you hope for. And make the following seven email segmentation tips part of your customer outreach strategy.

Segment Your Email Data

The better you become at segmenting your B2B email data, the higher your conversion rates will be. So it isn’t enough to send emails to your subscribers based on topic. For instance, you need to analyse the data for optimal results. Segment your subscriber list based on demographic, shopping/purchase behaviour, or even their click patterns on your website. So the more targeted your email segmentation, the likelier it is your subscribers will find your emails helpful.

Use data from your sales and marketing department to help determine the content of your emails. Then have your team track customer queries on a weekly and monthly basis to understand trending topics of interest to your target customers. Because you use this information on trending concerns to fuel your email marketing strategy. If a growing number of customers are asking your sales and marketing team about a specific topic, the chances of increased email open rates grow exponentially. Also by using trending topics to determine the topic of your next email campaign, you will be able to segment your subscriber base in greater detail depending upon their click-through rates. Trending topics + data tracking = email segmentation marketing gold.

Segmented emails drive more revenue than broadcast emails. This is because if you are using email marketing to increase revenues for your business, it is imperative you segment your campaigns to target the needs of your subscribers. Therefore, the narrower your email segmentation process, the higher your click-through rates and the lower your unsubscribe rates.

Optimise Your Subject Line

Therefore, If you do only one thing to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy, optimizing your subject lines is critical. Most subscribers who unsubscribe from your emails do so based solely on your subject lines. Use data from your website analytics to see which pages receive the most visitors. Pay attention to social share data from your social media profiles. You already have data that will make it clear which subjects your target audience responds to most often. Use this knowledge to increase the appeal of your email subject lines and further segment your emails when creating an email marketing campaign.

So if you are lucky enough to have subscribers open your emails, don’t lose the engagement opportunity by offering a lame CTA (call to action). Hiding your CTA in the bottom corner of your email or blending it into an image is a definite no-no. Make sure your CTA is placed in a prominent position and the copy gives a clear directive. A/B test the copy on your CTA and use this data to see which versions perform best with your subscribers.

Don’t be afraid to dive into the data in your unsubscribe list. Pay attention to similarities in people who unsubscribe from your list. Once you understand who is unsubscribing and why they are unsubscribing, you can tweak your content marketing strategy accordingly. Maybe you need to create more inbound marketing content to woo back previous subscribers or better address their needs in the emails you share. Email segmentation data isn’t only useful when developing email campaigns; your segmentation results can drive everything from your blogging strategy to your social media marketing strategy.

Email Segmentation

It isn’t enough to use data email segmentation before you send emails. You can also use recipient data after they have received your emails to fine-tune your email marketing strategy. Track recipient behaviour to understand how your emails are performing and test multiple variations of a digital mailer. Try sending at different times of the day, on different days of the week, and use different subject lines. The data you glean from measuring your click-through rates can have a profound influence on your ongoing email marketing strategy.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool when used effectively. The stronger your segmentation strategy, the greater your conversion rates will be and the higher your revenues. Integrate these seven email segmentation tips into your overall digital marketing strategy, and you will be astonished at your results. Here are some top tips for your email address lists.

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