Email Marketing and Social Media, What’s Best?

Email marketing is usually the most efficient way to boost your brand awareness as this can be easy to utilise and give you an excellent ROI regardless of what industry you are in. Setting up your email marketing plan is highly important as this would be the foundation of your marketing campaigns, it is important to target specific industries who will be actually interested in what your products and services offer.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Here are some benefits of email marketing:

Email Marketing is proactive and targeting specific industries enables you to communicate when you need to with a qualified audience who will listen more to what you are proposing.

Despite the latest trends of Twitter and Facebook and other social media activities, not everyone utilises them although almost everyone has email.

Although your website may have a blog, many of your viewers still have no idea what an RSS is or how you would use it. An email newsletter or email blog subscription makes it easy to use for those who are not acquainted with modern technology.

Most people read or at least glance at their emails as they slide through their inboxes. On the other hand, when someone is following thousands on Twitter or Facebook it is more difficult to get your message seen because they may only be “actively” following a much smaller group.

Email marketing is cost-effective and provides almost instant statistics that help you grasp your return on investment quickly and the impact from any advertising you do.

Let us help you target the perfect email marketing list

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