Email Marketing Strategy Put Your Worries To Rest

Email Marketing Strategy

Put a stop to your email marketing worries!

BDP can now fully manage your email marketing campaign on your behalf, alleviating your concerns and stress while saving you valuable time to spend elsewhere on other business activities. Enhance your email marketing strategy by putting your worries to rest and let us manage it for you. We will pinpoint perfect prospects for your business and campaigns, helping you increase your volume of enquiries and boosting business revenue.

What should I consider in my email marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most direct methods to talk to your customers and prospects and should be part of your marketing strategy. With inboxes receiving high traffic, you need to use an agency with a scalable email marketing solution. Therefore, not only does this get your message out to a large volume of prospects. But this also takes the pressure off you and your business with concerns to GDPR and data protection.

Campaign management

Here at BDP Agency, we offer an email broadcast service as part of your email marketing strategy. Which alleviates the concerns regarding GDPR and the handling of data as we can manage this for you. All we need from you is your HTML creative which you have put together. Then we will send this creative out on your businesses behalf, to a select target audience.

In this service, we will monitor your open rates, clicks and subscribers for you. Which allows you to see how your campaign has progressed.

We can still send your email campaign to your specific target audience. In order to see how we can help you find your target audience, please see our page on business data. Or you can give us a call on the number above to speak to one of our account managers.

Optimise your data

If you currently have a list which you would like to send your email marketing campaign to, we advise a data cleanse. This ensures you have the most up-to-date database available for your email marketing strategy. We will replace and research the next best contact if your current contact is no longer at a company. Or we will find the correct email address if the one you provided is incorrect or no longer exists. This ensures you have the most up-to-date and responsive data. Which is critical to a successful email marketing campaign as it will increase your delivery rates, opens and clicks.

If you have a database where 30% of the contacts have changed their jobs in the past 12 months, you are in effect only marketing to 70% of your current audience. Therefore, a data cleanse makes sense to bring that number as close to 100% as possible. As well, why not increase your base by finding new prospects similar to your current target market?

What can Business Data Prospects do for me?

Another way in which we differentiate ourselves from other campaign management agencies is that we can personalise your email. For example, a large majority of agencies will send a standard email to every contact. However, at BDP Agency we can personalise the email to say the recipient’s name such as in the subject line or addressing the recipient at the beginning of the email.

We can also test subject lines to ensure that your email does not get marked as spam. For instance, we can test various phrases to ensure your email passes through the spam filters. This is another way in which we differentiate ourselves. This ensures that we can provide an effective campaign for our client. We wish for the best possible return from your campaign. To give you the business opportunities to not only grow, but thrive!

At BDP Agency, we offer fully managed email campaigns, we also send out your campaign on dedicated IP addresses. Which ensures that your domain doesn’t get blacklisted. This is a common problem when businesses’ send out their email campaign in house. Yet again this is another reason why you should outsource your email delivery to us. As it removes any worries you may have about sending your campaign.

Choosing the right platform

If you wish to manage your own email marketing campaign, we recommend using a whitelisted email platform. You can see one of the platforms which many of our clients use and recommend here. This platform is based in the EU. So it abides with the GDPR regulation of not transferring data outside the EU. Using a whitelisted platform within the EU aids you in staying compliant with GDPR.

Within this whitelisted email platform, you are able to view the statistics of your email campaign in a report. This shows you information from your email campaign. Like which contact has opened the email, to the contacts who have clicked on any links included within your email. To source a list of contacts to broadcast your own email campaign, please give us a call. Then our dedicated team will run through your criteria to see what we have available for your campaign.

To accompany our fully managed email service, we are the only agency worldwide that offers a 100% data guarantee. This means that we will replace any bounce back email addresses free of charge.

If you would like to find out more information about designing you email marketing campaign, please see our posts on how to avoid your emails being marked as spam to increase your deliverability rates and our advisory article on writing your email marketing campaign.

How we can help…

Business Data Prospects can help your business experience a successful email campaign. We do this by providing the most accurate and up-to-date email data available. Our email data enables you to reach decision-makers to promote your products and services to. BDP is unique in the way we work in comparison to other data companies which allows up to offer a 100% guarantee on all our data. As we are proud to be the only data company to offer such guarantee. Furthermore, we can find your ideal target market which allows you to target prospects with a genuine interest in your products and services. This will increase the response from your campaigns. Which means you spend time efficiently targeting those likely to make a purchase. See more information on our B2B email data and expand your marketing reach today.

If you have any questions about a fully managed email marketing campaign or would like to make an enquiry… Please feel free to contact us on the number above. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form in order to request a call back from a member of our dedicated team.

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