Can Email Marketing Data Engage Your Customers?


Engaging customers through email marketing data campaigns

Email marketing appears to be the quickest and easiest way of attracting new customers to your business. Although email marketing has these qualities, it is only successful when used correctly and efficiently. So here are 7 tips that you will need to get started to create a successful and effective email marketing data campaign to attract new customers:

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Contact the correct customers with email marketing data

Contact the correct customers (you wouldn’t offer DIY products to a fruit store face-to-face, so why do it via email). This allows you to target your ideal audience better. Ensuring the people you are contacting are interested in your product and will not unsubscribe from your emails.

Spend time designing your campaign

Avoid just including a bulk amount of text. Because customers will read the first and last sentences on average to see if this is of interest to them and move on. Also, this is unappealing to the customer. If you apply some catchy subheadings and bullet points, this will entice your viewer. Encouraging them to carry on reading through your offer. Also, including images could grab the customer’s attention. However, be cautious and don’t include essential information in the images. As some email services do not load images without the user confirming they want to see them.

Choose your subject line carefully.

Your subject line is essential when sending out an email campaign. This is the first thing your viewer will read. You also want to ensure that your email will get into your customer’s inboxes. Rather than their junk mailbox. This mostly depends on what your subject line involves. For example, we would recommend not including symbols. For instance, ‘buy this now’, as this can be seen as junk mail too. Also, the subject line could catch your customers eye when they are scrolling through a group of emails. Potentially enticing them into clicking on it. The key to subject lines in B2B email campaigns is testing variations. Until they all test as delivered to the inbox.

Proofread your emails

Before you send your B2B email broadcast to your potential clients, ensure that you have checked what you are about to send for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Ask someone else to proofread the email as well. If your email isn’t grammatically correct, your audience could read this and think you are unprofessional. This could also reflect in your product, potentially causing you to lose customers.

Let the customer know what services you are providing.

Informing your customers of the services you are providing allows them to decide if they are interested or not. This helps you only send your emails out to customers interested in your product and narrow down your email mailing list to potential customers. In doing this, you are segmenting your audience into those who are interested in receiving your emails.

Create a mobile-friendly email

Most people access their emails on their mobile phones as it is convenient and allows them to check them whilst on the move. Creating a mobile-friendly email is simple and means that your customers accessing your emails on their mobiles can do so with ease. One effective way of ensuring emails are mobile-friendly is using a large font size, making it easier for the recipient to read. Another way is to use small images to load fast on mobile data and not keep the customer waiting for a large image to load.

Know your goals

When creating your campaign, ensure that you know your goals, as this will help you structure your advertising campaign to this goal. Having a goal will also make your campaign clearer for your customers and more direct, allowing them to follow your campaign easily. For example, you could have a few goals, such as welcoming new subscribers to your email data campaign or targeting your audience more precisely using segmenting.

We hope that these 7 tips will help you create a successful and effective email marketing data campaign that will help you attract new customers to your business.

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