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Top Tips for Managing your Email Marketing Campaign

How can you effectively manage email marketing campaigns?

Managing email marketing campaigns can be quite a time consuming and can cause unnecessary stress. Along with that, there are concerns with the handling of email data and GDPR. BDP can now manage your email marketing campaign on your behalf. Therefore, we can remove your worries, stress and save you valuable time to spend elsewhere on other business activities.

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The critical success of a strong email campaign is making use of the most up – to – data, accurate B2B email databases on the market. At BDP, we provide all our data licenses with a 100% guarantee. We also offer this exceptional service as our data is researched, validated, and updated from source within 2 – 3 days point of order to your desktop. Furthermore, we are the only B2B data owner based in the UK that works this way. Which ensures we provide you with the latest up to date contact details.

Whitelisted Email Campaign Platforms

If you wish to manage your email campaign, we recommend using a whitelisted email platform. You can see one of the platforms which many of our clients use and recommend here. Using a whitelisted platform within the EU also ensures that your email marketing campaign remains compliant with GDPR. 

By using this whitelisted email platform, you are also able to see the statistics of your campaign. The statistics are in a report which shows you information from your campaign. The information displayed is whether the contact has opened the email, to whether the contacts have clicked on links included within the email campaign.

Within the whitelisted email platform, you are also able to set up automated emails. This is to save you more time compared to if you were to send out follow up emails yourself manually. For example, you can send out your first email and then set up a follow-up email for contacts that have interacted. Such as clicking a specific link or opening it multiple times. You could set up a follow-up email for connections that have shown interest in a particular product or service you offer from clicking a specific link. Then you can send out a different follow-up email for contacts who have expressed an interest; however, they have not clicked the related link to a specific product or service.

CRM Systems

Another useful tip for managing your email marketing campaign is the usage of a CRM. A CRM, customer relationship manager, is a platform where you can manage the interaction between your company and its contacts. In this platform, you can safely store the contact details of the prospects that have shown interest from subscribing or have expressed their attention from the call to actions within your email campaign. A CRM is also useful for focusing on the retention of clients and following up with potential prospects. However, if you don’t already have a CRM in place within your business; we highly recommend investing in a CRM system. This will help your business, sales and marketing team manage its prospects and convert more sales.

Our Services

Here at BDP Agency, we offer an email broadcast service. Which alleviates the concerns regarding GDPR and the handling of data as we can manage this for you. All we need from you is your HTML creative. In this service, we will monitor your open rates, clicks and subscribers for you, allowing you to see how your campaign has progressed. We can still send your campaign to your specific target audience. 

To accompany this, we also are the only agency worldwide that offers a 100% data guarantee. For example, this means we will replace any bounce back email addresses free of charge to enable you to carry on sending out your email marketing campaigns.

If you would like to find out more information about designing you an email campaign, please see our posts on how to avoid your emails being marked as spam. To increase your deliverability rates, tips on planning your email marketing campaign and our advice post on writing your email marketing campaign.

If you have any questions on how you can effectively manage your email marketing campaign, or you would like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact us on the number above or by filling out our contact form to request a call back from a member of our dedicated team.

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