How To Write An Email That Will Convert to A Sale

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Writing Emails to Help Convert a Sale

When carrying out an email marketing campaign, you need to know exactly how to put across your message to lead to a sales conversion and drive traffic to your website using email data. Here is some advice on email contact lists and a few tips and options with our email lists for sale:

Write for your specific segment

If you write your email with your specific segment in mind, it will likely result in 50 per cent more click-throughs than generic/non-segmented emails. Make sure you know exactly how and why you want to divide your market. Brainstorm your targeted customers’ needs and wants to be sure that they will respond positively. By tailoring your content to connect with each segment, you can be sure to increase your click-through, B2B sales, and, therefore, profits.

Personalize the email

One way of personalizing your email is by including the customer’s name in it. All B2B email data lists come with contact information included, meaning you can properly address the contact. After all, with numerous emails coming through their inbox, the customer needs to know why they should bother with yours. To send emails from individuals to individuals, and personalize your automated triggered emails. How else would the message resonate with the customer? Reaching named individuals is the first rule of thumb of an effective email data campaign. BDP only supply personal, named email addresses in our email lists for sale.

Match the email body with the subject line

For your customer to engage and continue to trust your emails, the email body should match the subject line. Ensure you express exactly what your subject line says by avoiding writing incongruently. Remember that however attractive the subject line is, if the content within the email doesn’t support it, it will certainly not result in a conversion.

Align the design on your email and the landing page

The design for your email and the landing page needs to be consistent with a single visual message and is one easy way of creating trust. As such, an inconsistent look will only end up confusing the reader, looking unprofessional and leading to decreased sales conversions from your email list.

Have a clear call to action

To motivate your readers to convert, you need to provide a clear call to action in your email body. Not only ensure that you fully explain the next step for the customer, but also ensure you use action words to make your readers want to click through. For example, words such as ‘get’, ‘order’, ‘buy’, ‘signup’, and ‘start’ are more likely to lead to the customer clicking on the link provided. In addition, you can use words such as ‘free’, ‘customized’, and ‘complementary’ to further increase the conversion. As a rule, your call to action should be kept above the fold in your email content. By using colour distinction buttons, you will create a visual distinction and optimize your message.

Design it expecting it to be skim-read

It should not take your reader a long time to understand what your email is all about. If you can format your email for quick scanning, the customer will be much more likely to read and retain the message from your email. Always remember to ask yourself if your customer could understand the message in 5 seconds or less. This is probably all the time you have to convince the customer to engage with you further. So bold and bullet your main points. When sending a campaign to your email list, keep your sentences short, and make a clear and simple message or question.

Analyse the views, opens, and click-through

Test your email message and see whether it will lead to conversions or not. Send it out to two or more segments and check your view rates, opens, and click-throughs. If you get a text with high click rates, use only that in your subsequent emails. Track key performance indicators such as delivery rate, open rate, view rate, click-through rate, and sales conversion.

So, why not write that killer email?

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