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Email Contacts List

Email Contacts List – Essential Writing Advice

Although email marketing is nothing new, all passionate marketers use these essential marketing methods as part of their campaign strategy. Therefore, we have included below a few simple tips on writing your email campaign to send out to your email contacts list. So, what is the perfect contact list for your audience?

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Use the subject line efficiently

The subject line on your email is everything! Include important keywords that will attract your potential customers to the email. If your subject line is not interesting and catchy your email will never be acknowledged and emails which you send afterwards could be ignored. Also make sure that your subject doesn’t include characters such as asterisk and exclamation marks as this could cause your email to moved into the spam filter and then your customer will not see it at all.

Get straight to the point

Tell the customer what your product or service is and how it can benefit them. If the product or service is more likely to help a customer with their problems they are going to be more likely to purchase it.

Sending them a big block of text is likely to put the reader off and could potentially mean that they don’t read the emails and ignore any future ones that you send. In order to avoid having large chunks of text you should try to break the email up by using images and only including information which is important and relevant to the customer meaning that when they open the email they are more likely to read about your product or service.

Be cautious when using images in emails as some email providers could block the usage of images unless the reader authorises them. This means that putting essential information in images could be missed by the reader.

Highlight one or two keywords in bold or underline them to ensure the customer acknowledges the substantial parts of the email. This can draw their eyes to the more important parts of the email. A great way to put across your point easily is to use bullet points.

Proofread your email before sending it

Before you send your email to your potential client make sure that you have checked what you are about to send for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Ask someone else to proofread the email as well. If your email isn’t grammatically correct your audience could read this and think you are not professional and that this could reflect in your product potentially causing you to lose customers.

Choose your email contacts list and target market carefully.

Target your ideal market with relevant information that they will be interested in receiving information about. If you have a large prospect base, think about splitting this into different sections and targeting different individuals with different messages.

The last thing you want to do is create a well-thought-out and organised campaign and have it sent to the wrong audience potentially causing people to unsubscribe. Using segmentation can also help you to tailor the campaign around your target audience in order to get the best results from your email campaign and make the best use of your time.

Personalise your emails

Make sure to personalise your emails as this can help to create a professional relationship with your customers. Making emails personalised can help to make the customer feel more valued by your company if you use their name. Whilst doing this you need to still be professional so that it reflects well on your company.

Know your goals

Understand your target for the campaign as this will make your campaign more clear and direct for newer subscribers to your campaign. Thinking about what you want to achieve with your campaign will allow it to fit together better. One goal you could have is getting your audience to click on a certain link. Having incentive for them such as a discount code to entice them into clicking on this link as well. Having this easily visible and being the focus point of the email would improve the chances of the recipient clicking on the link.

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