5 Quick Tips For Planning Your Email Campaign

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5 Quick Tips For Planning Your Email Address List Campaign

We recently carried out research in the SME market to find out more about email marketing data and 34% of businesses told us they have purchased an email address list and not used it. We understand that priorities change, although more than 44% of these individuals admitted they were unsure what to do with the data after purchasing their data list.

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Below are 5 points we have put together for you to consider to help use your emails effectively once you have purchased a data list.


It is essential to plan any marketing from start to finish and this should include purchasing an email address list as a small key section of the campaign. You should plan out this campaign before starting to distribute it as it will ensure the campaign runs smoothly with little to no problems. Usually this can include many different departments, so ensure that everyone has an agreed timescale to work to which will ensure the campaign is completed fully on time. Having a set deadline will help to run the campaign effectively which will ensure you reach the most amount of people during your campaign and make the most out of your email data list.


Ensure that when you are writing your emails that they are eye catching to the audience. This will ensure that more people read the emails, and they are just not overlooked. One way to do this is to ensure your email is not just a block of text. Blocks of text will put off potential customers as they will not want to read through it all. Making your points precise and using images to break up the text could potentially increase the amount of customers reading your emails for your campaign meaning more potential customers.


In your email, immediately summarise how you can solve the recipients problems, this works great with bullet points and pictures. Summarise your unique selling points and information in the email and include more information on your website which can be clicked through too. Be cautious when using images as some email providers have a setting where the images don’t load unless the user allows them to. Because of this having essential information in images could prove problematic as it could not be seen by the reader.


With the right segmentation on your email data list, you can think about the intended prospects as an individual before sending your email, think about their age bracket, their job title and the industry that they work in. Then you will be able to specifically personalise the email to them. It will give you a better idea on how to address them and how you are going to interest them with your services. This allows you to tailor the campaign around the audience in order to get the best results from your email campaign and make the best use of your data list.

Benefits of your email address list

It is essential to put across the benefits of your business in your email straight away, preferably in the subject line. Why should anyone open your email? Think about getting your recipients to open the email before you start to sell anything at all. If not, your email will not even be acknowledged, the subject line must stand out, or you are wasting your valuable time. Putting the benefits in the subject line also allows your audience to quickly find out more about your campaign and from there they can decide if it is for them to follow or not, further segmenting your audience. Be careful of having characters such as exclamation marks and asterisk in your subject line as this could cause your email to go into the spam folder and then it won’t be seen at all!

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