Effective Methods to Produce Email Campaigns

Email Data – Helping you Produce Effective Email Campaigns.

Email Data, when used effectively in marketing campaigns, can be an extremely lucrative channel of marketing. Using the most up to date email data available and ensuring you are following best practices. This will set you and your company on the correct path to unearth huge business potentials.

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At BDP, we provide bespoke tailored B2B Email Data lists for your business marketing campaigns. With over 15 million personal B2B email addresses available, we can help you target the correct individuals demographically. As well as other selections to identify the best possible potential customers and soon to become a highly efficient sales tool for you and your business.

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Email data is nothing new. All determined marketers use these efficient methods as part of their email campaign strategy.  Therefore, we have put together some essentials on some simple but creative tips on producing your email data campaign. Which will help you to increase response rates.


Firstly it is crucial to plan email marketing from start to finish when including purchasing data as it’s a small section of the email campaign. The reason for planning out the campaign is to ensure it runs smoothly and successfully with no problems. Usually, this can involve many different departments. Therefore, you need to ensure that everyone is prepared and time-scaled to work on completing the email data campaign on time. Setting a deadline will help effectively run the email campaign. This is because it will reach the most amounts of contacts during your campaign. Therefore making the most out of the email data list.


Next, when writing your email campaign, it needs to be eye-catching. This is so when people receive the email. They don’t overlook the campaign and proceed to read it. One efficient way to do this is to make sure the email is not just a block of text. You don’t want to put off your potential customers as they will not want to read through it.  As well as making your points clear and precise by using images and bullet points to break up the text. This could lead to you increasing the number of customers who are to open and read your email campaign.

Getting straight to the point

Getting straight to the point will allow your customer to understand your product or service and why it will benefit them. Only including information that is to be relevant to the customer, it will then mean when they are to open up the email data. They should be more likely to read about your product or service. In your email data campaign, you need to be careful when using images. Some email providers could block the usage of images unless the reader is to authorize them. This means that putting crucial information in the images could be overlooked by the reader.

To be effective in your email data campaign, highlight one or two keywords or underline them and make them bold. Doing this ensures that the customer is to acknowledge the substantial part of the email database. In addition, this will hopefully draw their eyes to the more important parts of the email.

The outcome goal

Understand your target and the customers you want to attract for the email data campaign to make the campaign clear and direct. Think about what you want to achieve out of the email database, as this will allow you to piece your campaign together. Always include a call to action; one of your goals could be getting contact to click onto a certain link. Such as encouraging them to click on a link as it is to give them a discount. Doing this focuses on certain points of the email, which should improve the chances of the recipient clicking on the link.

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