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Find Success Within Direct Mail

When it comes to marketing these days, newer methods such as social media tend to grab headlines. However, for some organisations, direct mail marketing remains very effective. In addition, it’s been stated that some audiences respond better to direct mail than they do to the newer marketing methods.

Although there is no guaranteed success with direct mail, the costs that it implies and the time it takes ensure that you do it properly and thoroughly. Here are certain steps you should consider creating a strong direct mail campaign:

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Set goals and expectations

You need to set goals and expectations; otherwise, you will not know if you’ve succeeded. Try making realistic and achievable goals, i.e. if your goal was to generate leads, how many exactly are you hoping to get? You may find that you need to adjust your goals and expectations. As long as you have a starting point, you’re OK. As you gauge how many leads you are gathering, you should look at ways to increase the next mail or campaign.

Select your direct mailing audience carefully.

Picking your target audience is a vital aspect of direct mail success. Make sure you are targeting your correct target audience. For example, if you are a home improvement company, you would target people with their own homes. You don’t want to waste money targeting people with rented property, as it is not their own home. It doesn’t matter how good your mailing is. If you’re not targeting the correct target audience, you won’t get the response you desire.

Create interest

You send out a direct mailing campaign as you want a response, and to get a response, you need something that will entice your target audience. Never assume that people will be motivated to respond by simply saying you have offers/discounts on that. Instead, make it easy for them to respond and tell them how to do it. You should include contact details for the audience to get back to you, how you found us sections, or even reply slips.

Try to make the mail person to the audience. Would your audience appreciate it if the mail was signed off with your name and signature? Would it be best to sign them all by hand? Little quirks will generate more interest, and if there is other strong competition, this could be a decisive factor and swing the recipient’s opinion in your favour. That little touch shows class and the extra effort, which will only look better in the audience’s eyes.

Stand out from the crowd.

You can’t just send out mail and expect to see results. It is best to stand out from the crowd and offer something different. First, go over your target market and make sure that the campaign will make sense to them. Think about it from different aspects and situations. If it still makes sense, then it looks like you are on track. You then need to find out what makes your target audience notice you. Finally, think about what catches your eye when you receive something through the mail. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something bright or an outrageous design, just something that fits your product. Everyone likes to receive something unexpected and clever in the mail. If it is unique, then it is likely that it may be shared with others. Follow these steps to reap the benefits of your direct mail campaign in no time.

Direct mail execution

You have your finished campaign and are ready to start sending out the mail. Are you able to facilitate the production and mailing of the campaign in the house? Is it best to invest in a service to send out for you? Now you have sent out the mail, do not forget about it. Often, campaigns are sent out, and companies expect results but don’t actually track the campaign. This can affect future campaigns are you are not tracking what’s working and what’s not.

The goal is not complete when the campaign is in the mail. It is the response—link how you measure the campaign with your goals. For example, if your goals were sign-ups, and you are tracking purchases, you aren’t sticking to your goal and the campaign’s purpose as they aren’t linked. Your goal would be how many new sign-ups have come from this campaign. When someone signs up, give them an option to say how they heard about you. This can be in the form of a drop-down box. The user clicks the mail campaign, and then you will see your results slowly filtering in.

How we can help…

Business Data Prospects can help you find the right target audience as we build all our direct mail packages bespoke for each client. This ensures higher response rates and puts you on track to get the best results. So, by optimising your direct mail campaign you can find the perfect data for your campaigns today.

If you have any questions or want to inquire, please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call-back.

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