Tips To Manage Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

How to effectively manage your direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail marketing is an effective way to reach out to potential clients as it is a more personal way of contacting them. This blog post will go over how to manage your direct mail campaigns best to get the most success from your marketing. BDP can also provide tips on how to set up a direct mail campaign.

Choosing the Right Target Market for Your Direct Mail Campaign

The first step you should consider when planning your direct mail marketing campaign is who you target. So you need to make sure that you are targeting the right companies that can help get a higher success rate out of your campaign. This is because these companies could show more of an interest in your products and services. For example, a construction company would be more interested in new tools and equipment. In comparison, a hairdresser would not be interested in these products. Therefore, would be more suited to hair products that they can use in their day-to-day business.

We offer a list of SIC codes. This can help you to choose the best industries to target with your marketing campaigns. To see more information on the direct mail services we provide, please see our direct mail data.

Ensuring You Have a Call to Action

When you are writing your direct mail letter, make sure to include a call to action. This is for the contact to act upon. For example, it could be looking at a specific page on your website or phoning up your company for more information. As well this information may include further details on their products or services. Also, you could create a specific landing page for your direct mail campaign. Doing this can help you to track how many people are using this page. Furthermore, you could put more specific information regarding the subject.

Personalising and Following Up on Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is good as a follow-up to link with another marketing such as email marketing. Alongside email marketing allows you to follow-up with a more personalised letter. This can help you to build a good business relationship. Also, this can help you to make a specific letter. Depending on which product or service the contact has expressed interest in.

Investing In a CRM

Another method to help you manage your direct mail campaign is using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). A CRM is a platform that allows you to manage the interactions between your company and your contacts. Within this platform, you can safely store your contacts details that have shown interest. For example, by responding to your calls to action within your marketing letter. As well CRM is also useful for focusing on the retention of clients. As well as following up with potential prospects. Therefore, if you don’t already have a CRM within your business, we highly recommend investing in a CRM system.

Outsourcing to a Mailing House

You could use a mailing house to send out and deliver your direct mail campaign on your behalf to save valuable time. For example, the mailing house will print, package and send your letter out. This helps you save time and ensures a professional and high-quality letter is sent out to potential prospects. Therefore, you can easily customise the envelope by adding graphics such as logos and imagery, which will be hard to achieve in house. This could help the contact to identify the letter as coming from your company. This makes it seem like an extra point of contact and that more thought and personalisation have gone into creating the letter.

Our services

Here at BDP, we offer B2B Direct Mailing lists that can help you get through to your target contacts more personally.

We build all of our databases bespoke to make sure that all the contracts are up-to-date and offer a 100% guarantee on all of our direct mail data, which means that if any letters are returned, then we will replace this contact free of charge.

If you have any questions about a direct mail campaign or would like to enquire, please feel free to contact us on the number above or by filling out our contact form to request a call back from a member of our dedicated team.

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