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7 Great Digital Data Marketing Tips (That actually work)

Digital Data Marketing Tips (That actually work!)

Online data marketing is the new frontier for advertising on all levels. As more people use the internet and internet-based services in their daily routines, online marketing is becoming more prevalent–and more beneficial for businesses of every kind.

If you are considering implementing new digital campaigns, online marketing, or even email campaigns in the future, consider the following tips to make the most of your digital marketing.

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Make sure your website is mobile friendly

A significant portion of people browse the internet on their mobile phones. Mobile friendly sites load faster, use less data, and look better on smaller screens to optimize mobile viewing. Compared to websites optimized for viewing on large screens. You can even create a ‘mobile friendly’ code for your website that will automatically adjust the template for people viewing on mobile devices. This will increase audience retention because it’s likely that if your site isn’t optimized for a mobile user then they will leave the site and often never come back, as they will usually forget to check the website out when they get to a PC, or they have forgotten your web address. More people are starting to use smartphones and tablets over PC’s so it is important that you hit this audience and cater for them. You could potentially be missing out on a lot of business.

Know how social media works—and how it differs

The majority of people who use the internet also use at least one type of social media. A significant portion of digital campaigns are targeted towards social media users rather than just email marketing, and you can easily make social media a part of your regular online marketing plans.

However, it’s vital that you understand how social media works (when in doubt, find someone within the company who knows their stuff!) and how each type of social media has different expectations and unwritten, or written, rules. Even something as seemingly simple as overusing hashtags could make people feel annoyed at your brand, which can turn away potential customers.

You must also familiarize yourself with what people usually post on different types of social media and use that in your digital campaigns. One example is digital campaigns promoted on Instagram. Where personal photos and short videos are the usual fare. In comparison, widely different than digital campaigns promoted on a Blogging website. Where longer comments and blog posts are considered standard.

Do some research into how your competitors use social media. There is a broad range of platforms aside from the main two Facebook and Twitter. Look into creating a LinkedIn and Google+ account. Then look at what posts the competitors make and what works for them. Also take a look into how frequently they make their posts. Create an analysis and compare your competitors with each other. Then make your own plan based off what works well for your competitors.

Don’t forget to email!

Email campaigns are especially beneficial if your website has mailing lists. As well as other types of subscription lists that will allow you to send updates, coupons and other advertising through email servers. To get a better return from your emails with accurate email data. We made another post on direct email campaigns, be sure to check it out.

Make your marketing interactive

People love interactive marketing campaigns. Where they are asked to participate (usually through photos, comments, or another shared experience) in order to be eligible for some type of prize. For instance, the prize might be monetary, such as a gift card or item from your business, or it could simply be social, such as being picked as a “featured photographer” on a photography business Facebook. This is also useful because you are engaging with a wider audience. People that will be competing in order to win the prize will often share your posts. Therefore their own friends can see it and vote, like, or share themselves. Leading to an increase in your interactions and the amount of people that will see the post. From this you would be looking for more profile clicks, shares, likes and follows. This eventually will start leads coming through.

Utilize “calls to action” over simple marketing

Calls to action are what bring people to your business. In advertising, calls to action are a catchy way to make people feel like they should use your business, either through a specified deal or discount or because it’s being marketed in an active way. Examples of calls to action include slogans such as: “Contact Us Now For Free Quotes,” “Get a 30% Coupon Today!” Make sure to use CTAs to monitor the success of your marketing data campaigns.

Review your Google presence

Your presence on Google is more important than you think. So you want to be ranking as highly as possible so you are on the first page of results. 91% of searches do not go past page 1. And over 50% of searches don’t go past the first 3 results on page 1. However, a lot of the searches are made and the user knows that it is going to be more or less the first result, such as googling Facebook. But this is still a high percentage. In addition it shows why it is important to make it as high up as possible. You can track this with SEO software. The SEO software’s will also give you pointers based on your current position and how you can improve your ranking.

Be consistent

Remember the analysis and plan you made for your social media? Stick to it. It doesn’t solely matter on more follows, retweets and likes. It is how many people it reaches out to. Also how many leads it creates which is important. People will begin to expect your posts. Keep your posts in a similar layout as your audience will soon begin to remember and recognise your posts. This will make them feel more connected to your business. This is something that could swing them to use your services rather than a competitors.

If you are looking to boost the ROI of you data marketing campaigns, contact us today! Give us a call on the number above or request a call back.

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