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Keep Ahead Of Your Competitors with a Data Strategy!

Using a Data Strategy to Keep Ahead Of Your Competitors

The business world is becoming extremely competitive. A recent survey has reported that approximately 40% of people move positions in the UK each year. This means that your industry contacts could be out of date. So now more than ever, it is important to keep ahead of your competitors with data from BDP.

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Gain access to key industry contacts

Imagine if you could gain access to these key industry contacts in your chosen markets before your competitors do?

By accessing high-quality, up-to-date targeted mailing lists, you ensure that you are approaching individuals currently in their role. And you’re not wasting time approaching people who are no longer there or are in that job position.

If you have a B2B database that already contains relevant contact details for your marketing campaigns, but you have not used the data for more than 3 months, then we would recommend cleansing your data before approaching these contacts again. Allowing you to purge any contacts who no longer work at the companies or have switched position within the company. Alongside gaining the contacts which you need to build relationships with potential clients and staying ahead of your competitors. Therefore, you need to ensure your data is up to date if left too long, so you’re not wasting time contacting the wrong people.

Approaching a new contact that has only just taken up a position in a company is an ideal time to build new relationships. As many are looking for new suppliers. Therefore it can be critical to building that initial relationship before your competitors do. This will keep you ahead of your competitors. By building strong relationships with new or current people in certain positions. In addition, they will develop a loyalty to you by putting competitors as a second or third choice, rather than a joint first choice with yourself.

Here’s how we can keep you ahead of your fierce competitors

Here at BDP, we can keep you updated monthly with the latest individual with our data cleansing service. This enables you to keep your records up-to-date and ensure that you are contacting the correct people for your marketing campaign.

Our data cleansing service begins with an assessment of your existing data. And then from there, we will provide you with a quote for updating these contacts.  Our market intelligence team will remove duplicate records, fill in the gaps in existing records, update relevant records and analyse your marketing strategy to ensure that your database is brought up to date.

This will help you build new client relationships. As well as grow client relationships. Therefore, make sure that your records are up to date and accurate. So that you can gain new market intelligence and new contacts.

If you are interested in our data cleansing service or want to enquire, please contact 0333 200 1860 or by using our contact form to request a call back from us.

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