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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions – Business Data Prospects’ FAQs
We often get asked similar questions, and we always aim to clear up any queries you may have. Therefore, we have put together these common business data FAQ questions below.

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Q. What information do you provide?

The information is dependent on the B2B Data list provided, and we outline this in all quotes. Common FAQ questions can help guide the selections we include For example, we can include the following selections:

Full Name of the Business.
Full Address including Postcode.
Personal Contact Person.
Position / Job Title.
Telephone Number.
Email Address.
SIC Code – Trade / Industry.
Number of Employees.
Financial Information.

Q. What segmentations shall I use to put together a bespoke data package?

Business Data Prospects prides itself on building bespoke data lists for our clients for their requirements. To give you a base to start from, we recommend thinking about the following types of segmentation:

Industry Type.
Geographic Location.
Business Size – Financial / Number of Employees.
Contact Position.

Q. Can you update my current Database?

We can offer a free complimentary Data Audit on your current data files to update the information you already own and ensure you are compliant with the law.

Q. How do you source the B2B Data?

Business Data Prospects UK B2B data is sourced from call centre work, a regional publishing house, trade publications, and our in-house data acquisition team. The data is then matched against other business information sources such as Royal Mail PAF file, BT OSIS, industry magazines and other publicly available resources.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order for our bespoke UK B2B data packages of 500 GBP. We also offer a variety of monthly subscription packages to cover all budgets.

Q. Can I have a sample of the data?

Upon request, we can happily address this common FAQ question and provide a sample of B2B data with our quote to enable you to view the data format before purchasing.

Q. My existing contact database is a mess. Can Business Data Prospects help?

Yes. Through our data cleansing service, we offer a complete review of your existing contacts. According to our specification, we’ll solve the problem of poorly formatted, duplicate and incomplete records to provide a fully working database. The result is improved response rates that maximise the return on your marketing investment.

Q. What is the difference between generic and personal email addresses?

All our UK B2B email addresses are the personal email addresses of contact within a business that you are targeting. We do not provide generic email addresses such as sales, info, or enquiries unless requested or in response to common FAQ questions. We believe a Senior Decision Maker does not read these. Therefore, it will not achieve the intended results. However, many companies provide generic email addresses to achieve high open rates, although your intended recipient will not open them.

Q. What are the industry standards for B2B email data results?

Industry best practice guidelines across the UK include deliverability of 85% on emails. However, we strive to work over and above this figure with all our clients. Business Data Prospects constantly achieves results above this and guarantee all our B2B personal email addresses are checked before despatch and are, on average, just 3 days old! This ensures that you will never be emailing contacts that left months ago.

Q. Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, we can provide a 100% guarantee on our data – Business Data Prospects Agency can offer free of charge replacements for all returns that we agree do not work within 21 days of our invoice date, so you don’t lose out on any data which does not work for you. We are the only data company that can offer such a high guarantee as we build all our lists bespoke for each client.

Q. Can you provide the data and share the revenue of my results?

Business Data Prospects provides a marketing platform for our clients to discover their chosen targets quickly and accurately approach the intended recipients through a streamlined process to promote their business, rather than a direct sales channel of payment on results, quite often referred to as CPA (cost per acquisition).

The reason behind our thinking is that many of our clients receive a range of different responses depending on the product/service offered and the relevance to the end-user, together with the marketing material and the energy put into the follow-up.

Q. Can you assist with delivering my campaign?

We have built excellent relationships with our industry partners, meaning that we can recommend telemarketing companies that accelerate your ROI using our telesales lists, email service providers, and fulfillment houses together with virtual personal assistants that can also organise and manage your campaigns. So remember, we are always on hand to help you receive the best possible results from your B2B data purchase.

Q. How do I receive my B2B Data?

Business Data Prospects delivers orders for B2B Data via email as a protected Excel file. We password protect all our orders to ensure the safe delivery of your order.

Q. How can I earn revenue?

We work closely with trusted brokers and business consultants across the UK. If you would like to earn additional revenue, contact us today on 0333 200 1860.

We are also actively looking for many data requirements and have clients ready to purchase these files. Take a look at our data broker page.

Q. What are your opening hours?

Due to expansion and providing excellent service to many of our international clients, we are now open 24/7/365. All our calls are answered in the UK.

Addressing common FAQ questions is an essential part of our customer support process, ensuring that clients receive accurate information and quick resolutions.

Q. How do I place an order?

Let’s start a conversation…

You can direct message us on Twitter – Business Data Prospects

If you have any questions that our business datas common FAQ didn’t clear up you can also take a look at our BDP Brochure. Or if you want to enquire, please contact us by calling the number above or fill out our contact form to request a call-back. BDP’s order process is simple and convenient.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
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