Marketing Techniques to Create a Relevant Email Campaign

As a marketing tool email is the biggest utility for marketing as 69% of people agree that email is their personal most popular method of data sharing. Although the open and click-through rate of email marketing campaigns are normally low despite these statistics. We have put together some of the best marketing techniques to try and draw out a response from your campaigns.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


For somebody to open or click on your email, they would need to be relatively interested in the products and services you are offering and interested in the appearance of the email. The email needs to persuade your viewer to open it even if they aren’t interested at first. The first way to do this is to ensure that you have a subject line that will catch their eye. Subject lines should be short and to the point so that the recipient can get a good idea of what the email is about. It should also not include characters such as “*” as this will likely get flagged as spam.

Another form of presentation is the content inside the business email. Breaking block text up with images and infographics will entice the recipient into reading more of the email as it isn’t as daunting as a big block of text. You should also think carefully about the mood you want to create by using specific colours and pictures.

Another thing you need to think about when creating your email campaign is how it looks on mobile as most people now access their emails using their phone. One thing you should do to make the campaign more appealing on mobile is to increase the size of the font so that is easily readable on small screen sizes. Another thing you should do is ensure that the images you use are small enough to easily load using mobile data. If the images take too long it might cause the recipient to close the email before getting all the essential information.


Email campaigns are all about creating interaction with your audience, even a negative emotion is sometimes more beneficial than no emotion. Obviously, you don’t want your product or service to make the individual think badly of you, although you can persuade them to look in to their problems and challenges and therefore consider your product/service to turn things around for the better. An emotion such as urgency could be used to give people a time frame in which they need to react to your campaign.

How it will enhance people’s lives

Ultimately you need to bring your content back into how your product/service is going to make a good effect on the individual. Will they be happier, wealthier, more attractive, or healthier?  Understanding how your services transform and improve people’s lives is highly important in making marketing messages that emotionally resonate.

Call to action

This is probably the most important thing to consider; after all it is pointless in creating an amazing email unless you can build your brand and make a profit from it. This step in the process must be clear, concise and logical for people to follow up on it.

Keep in mind that your call to action will keep going once the individual has clicked on the relevant link/information, which means you need to keep pursuing the clarity of your call to action all the way through your landing page and conversion process.

Repeating this call to action could help to increase the number of new customers and re engaging older customers with your B2B email campaign.

Email marketing data

Creating a good reception from an email campaign can be highly increased if you are sending the email to relevant and targeted individuals in the first place which BDP can help you with our up-to-date email data.

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