UK Construction Output Rises And Orders Leap


The Rise in UK Construction, The Future Looks Bright

The construction sector recently rose an encouraging 2.2% and is looking bright for the future. Year-on-year terms, the output is also up 2%. Learn how you can target the top construction companies in the UK below.

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Excellent news for the construction industry

This B2B data is excellent news for construction companies and hopes that the economy is picking up speed in the third quarter.

The plans to boost housing have been criticised for not doing enough to spur new home buildings. However, the construction industry has proved a recovery anyway within the recent months after it was hit hard by the financial crisis. On the other hand, the government and the Bank of England programmes encourage mortgage lending and new home building.

Boosted by housing and the building of new wind and solar farms, the construction data sector rose to nearly 20% in the April-June period from the previous three months. This is the best rise in 4 years!

Reach the top construction companies in the UK

With this in mind, now is an ideal time to build relationships with construction companies in the UK. Therefore, we have details of 175,000 companies in this sector. Furthermore, we can segment to target your ideal clients in your marketing campaigns.

Our in house market research has enabled us to piece together a list of the top 2,000 construction companies in the UK. It is allowing you to reach key industry contacts to develop relationships and market your products and services. The construction companies market research file is the most accurate and up-to-date database of the top construction companies in the UK.

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