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Business Data Prospects Competition Results

Christmas Competition Results

You may remember we all had great fun back in December with our Business Data Prospects Polar Bear competition and we had some fantastic prizes to give away.

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In line with the 12 days of Christmas, and for a bit of fun, we picked the names out of a hat and sent out some fab prizes

They include;

  • 12 x Marketing Subscriptions
  • 11 x B2B Data Vouchers
  • 10 x Luxury Biscuit Tins
  •  9 x Hotel Chocolat Gifts
  •  8 x Whacky Cleaning Ducks
  •  7 x Trivia Quiz Games
  •  6 x Beer Crate Selections
  •  5 x WH Smith Vouchers
  •  4 x Christmas Canvas Shoppers
  •  3 x Aroma Monkeys
  •  2 x Wine Cases
  •  1 x Christmas Hamper

We had 419 entries in total from our clients and associates and many of our data brokers had fantastically high results.  We even caused a bit of a last minute frenzy of entries in one company and they won our top prize, our Christmas Hamper – we hope they shared.

Business Data Prospects Competition Results

Overall Winners (score of 28!)

SCC Technology, Birmingham
A best of breed technology solutions provider specialising in IT infrastructure, SCC has an enviable track record for helping European based companies and government organisations assess, plan, source, integrate and manage their IT infrastructure to deliver technology optimisation and more for less.

Are you looking to give you marketing campaigns a boost? We have a wide range of business data available. Keep an eye out for future Business Data Prospects competitions.

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