Commercial Landlords Database -Market Research File

Landlord Database

BDP Agency has compiled an exclusive and unique Commercial Landlords database; the base has been compiled by telephone research and is cleansed on a regular basis to ensure the database is unique and up to date and the most accurate data in the UK.

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Included in the Commercial Landlords Database?

Our file includes the organisation’s name, full address including postcode, telephone number, email address, and personal contact name. With additional details such as company size, number of employees and turnover.

The Commercial Landlord’s database would interest professionals in the UK including:
• Tradesman
• Chartered Surveyors
• Commercial Property Consultants
• Storage Companies
• Office Space Suppliers
• Insurance Professionals
• Mortgage Companies

Top 2000 companies

The Commercial Landlord’s file includes the top 2000 companies; we also have a large base of additional landlords on our database all available on a 12 months licence.

It is essential to build relationships with Commercial Landlords. And you can do exactly that with our marketing data lists. The data licence we provide you with enables you to reach out to the contacts in your list up to 24 times via email. This is double the usage that any other data provider allows, giving you the opportunity to not only build new relationships but develop stronger ones.

Are you looking for commercial landlord data? or improve your Commercial Landlords client base? If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please contact us by calling the number above or fill out our contact form to request a call back.

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