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Business Data Prospects UK B2B data is sourced from call centre work, a regional publishing house and over 50 trade publications. The data is matched against other resources of business information such as companies’ house, Royal Mail PAF file, industry magazines and other publicly available resources.

How is our data unique?

BDP is always cleansing its data to ensure that we can bring you timely accurate information that meets all your requirements. BDP has established excellent relationships in the market with recruitment consultants and database solution companies that makes our B2B data both;

  • unique in the marketplace and;
  • one of the most responsive B2B sources in the UK

All of our records are selectable by many different search criteria, including the standard selections such as annual turnover, number of employees, year of incorporation and industry.

BDP is leading the way with cleansing our B2B data, and we would not expect you to accept any less than perfect first time, every time.

Our guarantees to you

  • 1-4-1 Match
    On Direct Mail, we offer free of charge replacements for any returns on 100% of the data.
  • 3 Days Average Age
    All our B2B emails have been checked thoroughly and regularly on a weekly basis and are on average 3 days old.  This means that you will never be emailing a contact that left months ago.

This ensures that the targeting on our file is second to none and enables the customer to only dictate the industries they wish to target.

What data can you provide for me?

Here are a few of the selection sets available to customers for profiling their business data selections:

  • Business type
  • Mail, Telephone, Fax & Email contact information
  • SIC code
  • Region and Postcode
  • Corporate financial performance, status, history & size
  • Job role

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