Using Business Data Lists To Increase Revenue

Business Data List

Business Data Lists

At BDP Agency we ensure that all our business data lists have gone through five different levels of checks and validations. This ensures that you are provided with the most accurate and up-to-date contact details.

We are internationally recognised for B2B business data purchases and our GDPR and Data Protection compliance gives you the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is in safe hands.

Using business data lists can help you as a company to increase revenue. By using one of our targeted business data lists, you can ensure that your marketing campaigns are reaching the right people in the industry of your choice. This will help increase revenue and have a high return on investment. Because by sending your campaign to customers from a carefully chosen data list, the information you want to send is going to a customer who will be interested, so it should have a high response rate.

Our Business Data

At BDP we have a unique approach to our business data lists and work hard to ensure that our data is right for you. We want to help you increase your revenue through marketing. So we offer a handful of business data lists such as Telemarketing Data, Direct Mail Data and Email Data. Which you are then able to market to in order to make the most out of your marketing campaign.

We also supply our B2B business databases on a multiple-use 12-month licence. This means you are able to build relationships over the time period.

UK & International Business Data

Our business data currently totals 15 million global B2B records. We provide bespoke researched business data lists throughout the UK and internationally for a wide range of countries. Our business to business data lists have many field selections. The information is dependent on the B2B business data list provided, and we outline this in all quotes.

Here are the many selections and fields within our Business Data

Business Name
Full Address including Postcode
Personal contact
Position / Job Title
Telephone Number
Email Address
SIC Code – Trade / Industry
Number of Employees
Turnover Information

We can filter by many different specifications; our most popular selections are geographically by location, company size, company turnover, employee count, trade and industry (via SIC Codes), or job title, but we do have more selections available.

What is a B2B mailing list? Our market intelligence team will work with you to identify business contacts that fit exactly your criteria. This allows us to match the requirements of your recipients, which helps you get the best possible results for your marketing campaigns.

If you have any business data list requirements for your businesses next marketing campaign, please contact us by filling in our contact form to the side or give us a call on the number above to speak to one of our account managers. Alternatively, you can see more information on our Business Data here.

If you choose BDP Agency to buy email lists UK, you won’t be disappointed – what works for you, works for us. It is our mission to provide a great service and produce great results every time.

We are fully committed and passionate about our email lists that every B2B email list is covered by our 100% guarantee. We are the best place to buy email lists. How to get email lists for marketing? Contact an account manager today to buy a targeted business lists and expand your marketing reach.

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