5 Tips for Successful Mailing Campaigns

Brand Messaging Tips For Successful Mailing Campaigns

Make Your Mailing Campaign Successful With Brand Messaging

Messaging is an important part of branding, and we have been aiming our attention at compiling a useful set of criteria for clients to optimise the launch of their mailing campaigns.

1. Address Customers Values

Messaging begins with the audience’s core values, not their product.

Too often marketer’s base their messaging around what they believe are the best features of their product or service instead of looking at what it is the customers actually find important. It’s important to take the time to understand customers and their values, and create messages accordingly.

A helpful way of getting an insight into customer values is by creating a short survey that customers can complete.  This will help you to understand your customers better and understand what they want from you as a company and what they expect from your services.

2. Clear Marketing Messages

Everyone wants to be part of a major trend, whether it’s being a “slow food” restaurant or a “mompreneur”, however the more popular buzzwords are the less impact they have, make the marketing message clear and memorable for customers. This will help them to remember your company if it is marketed as something unique instead of it fading into the other companies following a trend. Trends are important for business growth but being able to make a name for yourself and being unique will also help customers remember you which is why keeping a balance of uniqueness and following trends is important.

3. Make your messages portable

Many companies rely on word of mouth to drive business, but make sure that the message’s are ‘portable’ enough for customers to easily spread the word. A way of making sure our messages are ‘portable’ enough is ensuring they are around one to two sentences long, creating a “logline”.  After you’ve got your logline, use it on your website, on social media, in conversations and in marketing materials. This will also make your business more memorable and will help with creating a brand image. It needs to be a short message so that it is easy to remember so that it can be spread around.

4. Excite your Messages

Much of our life tends to be in auto-pilot mode, so as marketers, we need to grab our customer’s attention and inspire them. Make marketing messages exciting by adding action verbs, rather than using the passive voice. This will grab the customers attention and create spectacle around your product. This can help to spread word of your product as people will remember the company and product. The presentation of your messaging also matters. Having it match up with your branding will help customers remember which company the message belongs to.

5. Make it memorable

Making your message memorable is an essential part in having a successful marketing campaign. With the message being memorable it will help customers to remember your company and recognise your brand which could potentially increase the amount of people that hear about your campaign.

Overall in order to create a memorable campaign, you need to ensure that your message focuses on what your customers will find important about your product. You also need to remember to have a clear and portable marketing message in order for it to be easily spread between customers. Making your messages exciting will also help to grab the audience’s attention and create spectacle around your product. Finally, you need to make your message memorable so that it can be easily remembered so that the customer can match your message to your product.

Doing these will help to improve your mailing campaign and make it more successful. Take a look at our business data and a range of data lists we have market researched.

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