Boom time for fleet car sales

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Fleet Car Sales Boom

Of all the markets bouncing back during 2013, it is the car market which has probably performed the strongest. By the end of November 2013, the total cars sold so far in 2013 had already outstripped the total for the whole of 2012.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is very upbeat in its latest report: Just over 2.1 million cars have been registered to date this year in the UK, almost 10% up on 2012. That is now 20 months in a row that car sales have increased, with steady increases projected for 2014 and 2015.

We Brits have always had a particular weakness for cars, with the beloved metal on the drive being the last thing to be cut in times of recession. We have way outstripped the rest of Europe in demand for cars during the recession, even compared to Germany!

In the fleet sector, the company car remains the benchmark perk for most managers. You can cut my pension and health provision, but don’t touch my car! And of course the phenomenal growth and popularity of low interest rate lease deals has fuelled the current boom. There are ‘no brainer’ monthly payment deals available on just about every type of car. Even very small businesses can now afford to run leased cars, with all the financial benefits they offer.

So, fleet decision makers are people in demand! With the UK car market at its highest ever level, the stakes have never been higher for leasing companies, insurance companies, car servicing businesses etc. Now more than ever before, it’s vital for all businesses linked to the motor industry to be able to reach and engage with fleet managers and transport directors who are managing vehicles on behalf of companies. And help is at hand! Using our unique and exclusive Fleet Decision Makers Data, you can reach these people right now:

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