BDP Apprentice looking forward to a bright future


BDP Apprentice looking forward to a bright future!

Our young apprentice is highly looking forward to a bright future in the marketing and data industry – thanks to a programme to tackle the young unemployment in Yorkshire.

Apprentice journey

Theo Swallow, 17, has now been priviliged with a permanent job with Business Data Prospects after proving himself a great worker during a traineeship set up by city bosses.

Working in a cafe part-time from the age of 14, Theo was already used to hard graft but not sure on what the best option of career path he should to go down.

After joining up for the scheme, Theo was provided with pre-employment training and a mentor who matched his skills with potential employers. When he was interviewed for a position with Business Data Prospects, which provides marketing solutions for clients such as the University of Sheffield and National Trust, it was a really well made match.

Theo said: “I was at college for a bit but this was something i did not enjoy. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do at first. I was going to Connexions to get help from them before I went on the apprentice scheme.

“It’s been excellent. I really enjoy it. I’ve helped with a lot of campaigns for them and my confidence has grown a lot.”

A fantastic apprenticeship scheme

The teenager was included in the first of the 100 unemployed youngsters who Sheffield Council approached and helped onto the career ladder as part of its ongoing apprentice programme.

The initiative launched in 2011 to help prospects for the 1,393 so-called NEETs – teenagers not in education, training or employment – in the city.

Last year, the council and The Star helped bring the grand total to 200.

Sheffield Council part-funded Theo’s apprentice wage for 12 months and provided other helpful support for him and his new employer.

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