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B2B Telemarketing Data – 3 Key Checkpoints

Successfully Managing a B2B Telemarketing Data Campaign

Are you looking for a highly effective start to your telemarketing campaign? Well we can pride ourselves on some of the most efficient b2b telemarketing data lists in the UK industry including;

  • Full UK & International coverage
  • 8 Million UK records
  • 5 Million International records
  • Company size
  • SIC codes 2007
  • Turnover information

All our B2B telemarketing data lists come with Business Name, Full Address, Name of Decision Maker and a telephone number as standard.

In this blog we are going to discuss our top tips to manage successful telemarketing data campaign. These tips will guide and help you to get a better idea on how to manage and track the progress of the campaign.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Clean Data

Working from current and clean data is so important for the potential response of a telemarketing campaign. For example, the more fresh and up to date telemarketing data list you are to be using the higher accuracy and success rate of reaching the contacts. At Business Data Prospects all our business data is checked and verified at the point of order. To ensure lines are still active and that the contacts are still in position at their companies. If you are to be unsure of what industry or contact you would like to target, see our Industry Classification List see exactly what we provide and have available.

Data Cleanse

If you have a current set of data that you want to use for your telemarketing database we highly recommend a data cleanse beforehand.

Before you start running your campaign, we strongly suggest data cleansing to refresh and update your contacts. Firstly, to achieve a high impact B2B telemarketing data campaign you need to plan and make sure your database is correct. This is because as it’s an essential part of the planning stages. With our data cleansing services we assess your existing data. Then we provide you with a quotation for updating the contacts against our up to date records. At BDP, we are able to cleanse your current base and update all your prospects which will save you excessive cost in overheads.

Defining a USP

Another effective way to a successful telemarketing data campaign is identifying the Unique Selling Point (USP). A USP makes your product or service appealing to the customers. So when developing a USP you have to start with the understanding of the products and services that are being offered to the customers. Having a well – defined USP can make your brand stand out from your competitors. As communicating using the USP branding after carrying out the detailed market research. For instance, reporting information such as the number of calls and success rate of appointments or leads created if there is an immediate interest. Then to track and report the depth of the analysis of all the outbound B2B telemarketing data calls installing software such as a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM is a technology used to organize and streamline with customers. The CRM improves customer service and increases sales. Furthermore, the CRM is a powerful tool. This is because you are able to log activity on the system showing previous notes and contacts. This will help the user become more organized and have a plan in place for the next point of contact. The CRM is a successful tool which will help manage the B2B telemarketing data campaign. This will form a high standard job as it will allow you to plan and schedule calls to your potential customers and clients.

Do you require B2B telemarketing data for your businesses next telemarketing campaign? Be sure to let us know today! Our dedicated account managers can discuss and help you pinpoint ideal customers for the optimum response from your campaign.

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