Why You Should Consider Integrated B2B Marketing Services

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Considering Integrated B2B Marketing Services

As a marketer, it’s important to present and deliver your messages to your customers and prospects via cross-channels (Source). For example, many people are quite vigilant about advertising campaigns. So they still prefer the idea of purchasing goods and services from physical location. Call them old school, but not marketing to these people is like leaving money on the table. Because you want to be able to market successfully to many demographics. Also you want to use cross channel techniques to reinforce your advertising message. Therefore this is why you should consider integrated B2B marketing services.

Below you will find the essential tools to communicate effectively with your clients. Also how to utilise the Four C’s of integrated marketing communications.

Communication Tools

General Advertising – calling people’s attention to your goods and services (social media ads, postal campaigns, websites etc.)
Sales Promotion – product placement (print magazine, broadcast media)
Direct Marketing – communicating directly with customers via email, telemarketing calls, or online advertisements.
Personal Selling – meeting, networking or communicating one on one with potential buyers.
The Four C’s of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Coherence: Messages should be clearly linked across all channels. This will build and maintain credibility with customers. For example, your social media marketing should be coherent with and deliver a similar message to your phone call or email.
Consistency: Communication across all channels should verify and strengthen the initial message. For example, your company’s logo and brand should be consistent throughout your communication. Allowing you to become familiar to your customers and prospects. With the aim to help increase your conversion rates.
Continuity: If you’re planning to communicate with your potential customers more than once, your business’ key messages should be related. It should be flowing so that an overall picture can be communicated. For instance, the message from your emails or postal adverts, should be conveying a message that builds on the initial communication that you made.
Complementary: A powerful tool to utilise within marketing is collaboration. All messages that you send to your potential customers must complement each other. And also work to provide them with a stronger call to action than just from one message alone.
Advertising online as well as over the phone or via email can help to increase your brand credibility. Having great online content that is search engine optimized also makes it easier for your message or campaign to be found by your target market.


When you plan your campaigns, make sure that all marketing channels are logically connected. And utilised together, not just as separate entities. Ensure that they support each other. Reinforcing your primary message and the use of multiple campaigns or communications. This should increase the chances of you being the first point of call to your customers. Whenever they need your products or services. To give your campaigns an extra push, why not add fresh high quality B2B data to your strategy?

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