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Are you a business that has a fantastic product?

A famous quote from the film, field of dreams is ‘if you build, they will come’. Although quoted widely in business circles, simply the truth is that ‘if you build it, they probably will not come’. We are going to be bold here and say at least 60% of any business is marketing your product – I know a bold quote. Generating new business data requires deliberately going out to market your product. However, marketing is not easy. While you want to get new customers, you might not be able to do everything at once.

Here are a few suggestions on how to generate new sales through business marketing data lists:

Being proactive

Your corporate customers will not be passive about waiting to reach out to you about your new product or service. How will they know about you? The first step is to compile/ purchase a B2B database. At BDP, we own all our data, and we don’t broker from any data broker. We are internationally recognised for business data and ensure that all our business data has gone through five different levels of checks and validations.

You could also join local business groups, attend relevant conferences and network at breakfast meetings. Do everything to get people in your relevant sector or target area to know about you and your product. By joining a professional group, you will have access to legal advice and industry insight, as well. Also, proactively use the leads you get from email data to reach potential clients promptly on time.

Having a successful and strong email campaign will allow you to gain more sales. At BDP we provide all business data licenses with a 100% guarantee, we can offer this exceptional service as our data is researched, validated, and updated from source within 2 – 3 days of point of order to your desktop. This will help you generate business from your marketing.

Making it personal

Even where you are chasing contracts with companies, it is the people in these organisations who make decisions. As you take advantage of email data, remember that it’s individual people reading your messages on the other end. Build a relationship with the key decision-makers in the company you are targeting. Ask them to give you feedback on your services and products. By showing that you value your clients’ or prospective customers’ opinions, you gain their trust. Make sure your customers know you plan to fix the wrong things. Take advantage of positive Business to Business data feedback to increase your reputation.


What is your brand? It includes your company’s logo as well as what you and your employees represent. To represent your business effectively, you need to be courteous, professional, and polite. Creating the right chemistry and a strong brand is what makes your clients, as well as, the prospects trust you more.

Business Data is key

As a marketing data professional, you need to build a database of clients and prospects that are relevant to your business. That way, you won’t be chasing impossible opportunities or pitch to people irrelevant to your product. B2B data and email data will give you a head start. Only ensure that any database you use meets legal requirements in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation for Business Data.

Concentrating on your speciality

It will be impossible to compete with well-established businesses when you are offering similar products. That’s why you have to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. Focus on what makes your product unique. By concentrating on your core product or service, you will be able to always give your best.

Using the elevator pitch

As part of your marketing strategy, you need an elevator pitch. You need to keep it simple when pitching your product or service. Tell your clients and prospects what you do in not more than 30 seconds. Go for brevity more than anything else. It takes meticulous planning, clear and precise delivery, emphasising the benefits.

Marketing should be able to help you reach out and win over all your prospective customers. Of course, you need to work hard enough to keep them your clients for the long haul. BDP have some great tips on how to use data lists for email marketing campaigns.

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