What Will Business Marketing Be Like In 100 Years

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Business Marketing – 100 Years in the Future

It’s very hard to imagine how fast technology has led to the transformation of society in the last century. Yet as the saying goes, ‘the only constant thing in life is change’, and given how fast the technological world has been progressing and changing, just how will business to business change in the next 100 years?

In its current state, B2B marketing has taken more business to consumer and e-commerce approaches. The effect is the increasing use of business email lists to help generate leads for your business or website. Many of the B2B transactions today are becoming more e-commerce-oriented than in the past.

Within the following points are some of the changes that expect to take place within the next 100 years:

Stiff competition

One of the indicators of stiff competition in B2B marketing will be the increased use of business email lists and obviously, many social media channels. After all, it will be all about the relationships and the trust built within. Marketers will have to use in-person and forever present techniques to build relationships with customers.

 To be able to attract buyers for your products or services, marketers will have to meet people online in a very present method. This is similar to how you would have met people at their locations to serve their needs. Therefore, this is possible by ensuring that your business email lists are tied up with your social media and video presence, i.e. facetime or even virtual reality. Customers are demanding more and more that you are forever present. However, it will be a challenge for companies to ensure this is possible.

Perfect knowledge of the market

One of the changes to business to business marketing will have to do with the transformation of cash and currency from what it is today. It is envisaged that most commercial transactions will happen online and will be automated. The question is, will money even exist? Since customers will have perfect knowledge of the market, B2B companies will go out of their way to provide accurate and complete information. B2B marketers will have to buy mailing lists to achieve this, including being incredibly tech-savvy. Even now, questions by potential buyers are direct by chatbots, robots, and other AI tools. This is why we see the future moving more towards a forever present state as technology is all consumed. People demand to communicate at their leisure in real-time and real-time methods. All this will be in a bid to find the perfect product to serve their needs or services best.

Smart marketing

Smart marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to focus attention on making sales to your business. Be specific about the information you are to be providing. Being able to measure counts, values, numbers etc. and taking action to improve performances. Also having relevant information to target problems faced and being time-bound with targets that need reaching.

The existence of AI systems will mean consigning mass marketing to the past. B2B marketers will come up with unique profiles for each target company. They will rely on machine learning, marketing automation tools, marketing research, and regression analysis of the business to business data. Companies with the ability to develop the best algorithms will increase their revenue with prospective customers. Communication through methods such as business mail lists will become essential to understand the ever-developing marketplace.

By doing this it defines that B2B companies will become closer and closer to consumer shopping. The only difference being that B2B buyers will not tolerate the AI tools so easily. B2B marketers will have to learn into holding a single customer view treating every buyer as an individual with unique buying habits and preferences. Many of these marketers will start with buying mailing lists, and then filtering down to customer’s personal preferences after in-depth segmentation.

B2B marketing will be almost unrecognizable in 100 years.

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