B2B Data For Your 2021 Marketing Campaigns

B2B Data Marketing

Using B2B Data In Your Marketing Campaigns Throughout 2021

Now that many people are returning to work after months of working from home, marketing departments will be giving their all to generate more business. It is important to touch up your marketing strategy to push on in 2021 and ensure that you have the appropriate data for your B2B email, telephone and direct mail campaigns. B2B data gives you direct access to your potential customers. Give your business the best chance and learn how to find the most effective B2B data for your campaigns.

Consider The Audience Within Your B2B Data

It is important to consider the audience within your B2B data. Due to ongoing changes and a turbulent 2020, many businesses requirements and needs for products and services have changed. This may cause a shift in your desired target market, which could have changed since your previous ideas throughout 2020. Our team of data experts can find new contacts you never knew existed for your upcoming B2B marketing campaigns by identifying a new target audience.

Do you currently have a B2B database?

When looking into the audience of your database, consider the following questions; Do the target industries and job titles need your products or services? Taking into consideration changes to businesses needs, can you expand on this? Do you have new target industries or decision-makers that are suitable for your campaign? Your existing database’s needs will have changed; the requirement for fresh B2B data should be on your list of priorities.

B2B Data Gives You Direct Access To Potential Customers

The key benefit to B2B data is that it gives you direct access to your potential customers. At Business Data Prospects, we can provide you with B2B marketing data lists full of accurate and up-to-date contact data for your marketing campaigns. We only provide personal B2B email addresses. We do not supply or hold any generic information. Personal B2B email addresses allow your emails to land directly in the inbox of key decision-makers. Furthermore, you can speak to the desired contacts without spending countless hours researching their phone numbers by providing telephone numbers. In addition, we enable you to deliver direct mail to the work addresses of your ideal audience. Reaching these contacts directly saves you time and money whilst running an effective campaign.

In addition, our B2B data enables you to address your prospects personally. Our accurate and up-to-date data is put together at the point of order, meaning we only provide data with an age of no more than two to three days. Addressing the contact personally goes a long way. Imagine you have just received a marketing email to your business generic email address, which is addressed to no one in particular. There is a high chance that you will ignore this email. Now imagine that you receive a marketing email to your personal B2B email address, addressed to you. You’re going to give this one a read. This will happen to your entire database. You can see the difference between personal and generic B2B data marketing and addressing a specific, named contact.

Getting Ahead Of Your Competitors

Now that many people are returning to work, marketers will be using this as an opportunity to flood prospects with endless amounts of advertising. You need to be able to stand out and get ahead of your competitors marketing. As our B2B data lists gives you direct access to your potential customers, reaching the contact directly will help your company stand out. The potential customer will appreciate the efforts you have put in place to reach them directly. Now, picture your competitors wasting their time and stressing as they cannot reach their desired audience.

If your competitor eventually reaches the same or similar prospects to you, you will have got your marketing in their minds first and managed to reach the key decision maker. Your company will stand out in their mind. Should they wish to progress with an order, your products and services will be the first that comes to mind.

How To Kick-Start Your Marketing Today

You now may be wondering how you can give your marketing a kick-start today. Give us a call on the number at the very top of the page to speak to one of our dedicated account managers. You can also leave your details with us on our contact page to request a call-back. Let our account managers know your campaign’s requirements, and we will run a same day data count to see exactly what we have available for you. Our streamlined service means that you can receive your bespoke B2B data list within 24–48 hours. If you’re looking for more information, be sure to look at our page on B2B data. Give your marketing the push it deserves throughout the remainder of 2021.

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