Benefits Of B2B Data Lists Over UK SIC Codes

When it comes to successful B2B marketing, it’s important to remember that there are different ways to do it. For example, one way people employ frequently is B2B data lists.

These data lists provide essential information about the kinds of companies you want to target and help you to categorize different prospective clients. However, using UK SIC codes isn’t necessarily the best way to do things as a system. BDP’s B2B data lists are often the better option. Here’s why.

Your Data Influences Your Marketing

The problem that many people have when it comes to trying to use UK SIC codes to successfully market is that the code you have and your data influence the marketing. So, therefore if the data isn’t going to begin with, the overall quality of the marketing isn’t going to be very good either.

This contrasts with B2B data lists because they are designed to be better. In addition, they provide a much more coherent set of data, so it’s much easier to get good quality marketing from it.

SIC Codes are Too General

SIC codes are a valuable resource that can be used in a wide selection of different scenarios, and they do provide helpful information to a lot of people. Still, within marketing, they are too general to be effective.

The problem with having general codes used to categorise things is that you only operate according to the information you have. So if the code tells you that a specific group of businesses are not a viable prospect, you won’t try. However, even if it could be the case that in your particular situation, that business might be an effective client, you wouldn’t know.

You only have the data to work with, and the data is too general. This leads to missed opportunities and a lack of proper, tailored support.

Better Data, Better Results

This next consideration is a combination of the existing two, but better data leads to better results when it comes to marketing. Again, it’s a fairly obvious point, but higher quality data, like what you get from a BDP B2B data list, will be better than general SIC code is. So can you get more tailored advice and better insights, and it’s a lot easier to make marketing decisions.

Final Thoughts

Using data to help you work out what to do in marketing is never a bad thing. However, hopefully, we’ve proven that it comes down to having the correct date out for the job. SIC codes can be helpful in many situations. However, we don’t consider them a valuable resource within the context of marketing because the data is too generalised. Proper B2B data lists are necessary for marketing which is why you need more custom, specialist offerings. But, it’s the right tool for the job.

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