5 Mistakes Telesales Companies Make Regularly

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Avoid These Common Errors Telesales Companies Regularly Make

We receive many calls regarding sales as we are sure other companies do and believe is one of the best forms of marketing. However, on occasion telesales people do pick up bad habits along the way and we have put together some of the poor sales tactics used by these telesales staff from calls we have received. Read more below to see how you can avoid common mistakes telesales companies often make.

Don’t lie

People will know. We receive many calls where the telesales individual will say that they have spoken to the contact before and / or they will know what it is regarding and have a relationship with the contact. If they get through to the contact, they will be frustrated that the telesales company have lied and be much less likely to carry out a full conversation.


Do not eat, drink, mess around or talk to others whilst you are on the telephone to a potential client.  The receiving party will quickly loose interest.

Reading from a script

We understand that some call centres ask their staff to read from a script, practice making this sound natural as much as possible and change your tone and language style from time to time. Often, when a telesales company gives a script to an agent, they can sound robotic and you can tell they are reading from a script. Male the call sound genuine.


People don’t like to be treated like a number on your telesales sheet. Take the time to discuss your products and services with the client and answer any questions, rather than trying to get of the telephone as quickly as possible.

Completing the call

There is so much pressure on salespeople these days that a new trend seems to be emerging where once the telesales person knows you are not interested, they hang up without completing the call. For telesales companies, time is extremely valuable, however, this is unbelievably rude, creates a bad reputation for your company and this gives you less opportunity of selling to others in the future. Think about further marketing to be carried out after the sales call? If you followed up with an email campaign, the contact will remember you being rude and refuse to do business with you. If you are looking for a telemarketing company to carry out the call, it is essential you double-check this. It is possible to get a call log too.

Above all show respect to your prospect it will make them feel important and valued that you showed an interest in whatever they have to say. This will build rapport.

Take these faults on board and learn from them and then you will be able to launch a fantastic telemarketing campaign.

Good luck!

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