4Networking, a UK business network.

Business networking is a booming industry, as networking has become for many businesses the best way to find new prospects and clients. At the forefront of the growth of business networking is 4Networking, www.4networking.biz, which reinvented the format over 6 years ago and is now the largest joined-up business network in the UK, with over 300 groups.

Launching new groups to increase awareness

While 4Networking has over 50,000 online members and has many groups which are well established, it is still launching new groups and new services such as evening networking. It is also still a relatively new brand name on the networking scene and it needed to increase awareness and reach in the SME sector.

Business Data Prospects’ expertise

BDP was commissioned by 4Networking to identify and target these business owners who would be interested in attending its events and to devise an effective email campaign to ensure people came along to try out the unique 4N networking format. Part of this involved the design of an html email creative and a specific landing page website for responses.

A pilot scheme was set up, running across a three month period in two 4Networking areas, London and Kent. 10,000 SME contacts were targeted and the campaign achieved an 18.5% click-through rate and a 4% conversion rate, which 4Networking were delighted with.

Stefan Thomas from 4Networking says, “Jane Snee from BDP is a 4Networking member and is regularly recommended on the 4Networking forum by other members as the go-to provider of great quality data, so it was good to put BDP to the test ourselves! We were delighted with the whole end-to-end approach which BDP offered – not just sourcing the contacts, but thinking through the best creative approach to encourage SME business owners to come along and try a 4Networking meeting. For us, getting people along to meetings is key, as we know that once they try one of our events, they are highly likely to become paid members. We plan to continue to use Business Data Prospects again, as we roll out from the successful pilot programme.”

4Networking MD Brad Burton says, “4Networking is moving into the mainstream of UK business and it is attracting regular national media coverage. Increasing our direct marketing to targeted business owners is all part of that process too and Business Data Prospects are a valuable partner in helping us to achieve this.”

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